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The Street Food Series: Clapping Seoul

In the first of our spotlights on Sheffield's best street food, Clapping Seoul told us what's on the menu.

If you're looking for tasty Korean street food in Sheffield, Clapping Seoul should be your destination. Since they left the shipping container park on Fargate, you can find them doing pop-ups at Union St and Honey & Fig cafe on Westfield Terrace.

On the menu you’ll find many crowd pleasers, from clapping corndogs and bao buns to loaded fries with your choice of topping. (My strong recommendation would be Teriyaki Beef with an extra topping of sriracha.)

In the first of our Street Food Series, Jay from Clapping Seoul shares in his own words why he’s passionate about street food – and which dish he recommends you try first.

Street food is a quick way to provide customers with attractive, good food.

I love communicating with customers. As there is a short distance between making the food and serving the customers, I can see the ways I can improve by seeing their immediate reactions and hearing customer feedback.

More than anything, just seeing customers enjoy eating food I have made gives me joy.

On our menu there is something for everyone to enjoy.

At Clapping Seoul, you can expect to have an authentic Korean street food experience that you can't easily find elsewhere, especially our customer favourite, Korean corn dogs.

Many of our dishes are made the original Korean way and others are updated to fit the tastes of the locals. We are constantly working on improving our menu to make it more varied and inclusive. Let us know what you think!

Clapping Seoul Corn Dog

A Korean corn dog from Clapping Seoul.

When customers first visit us, I always recommend that they try the Korean corn dog.

With our corn dog, you can experience an affordable taste of the Korean street food that has grabbed the attention of the world. Once you have tasted our corn dogs you can look forward to trying all of the other food that we have to offer on our menu too.

No matter where I go, I always like to frequently visit local markets and events.

When you go try food stalls and markets you can experience the kind of street food the locals are enjoying. There have been times where I have even gained inspiration by trying other people’s food at these events.

In Sheffield, I especially enjoy going to the Peddler, Quayside and Moor markets. Thanks to them I get to experience a lot of good quality food from different local vendors.

We have exciting plans for the future.

Collaborating with Honey & Fig on Westfield Terrace is exciting. We also have plans to open in a bigger space where we can provide a larger and more diverse menu. The expected open date for this project will be in March.

This year, we’ll be taking Clapping Seoul on the road to join a lot of street food and market events. Our team have worked really hard to tight deadlines for what is coming next.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for updates on what we are getting up to. I can promise that we have a lot in store for the people of Sheffield.

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