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Rebel Base Media: Increasing Poductivity

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Podcasting continues to enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity and in Sheffield we're fortunate enough to have some tip-top podcast recording facilities. We sat down for a natter with CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, Mark Asquith, to find out what they've got to offer.

For those not already in the know, what is Rebel Base Media?

Rebel Base Media is a Sheffield-based technology startup founded in late 2014 that makes products for podcasters.

You've recently had some exciting news, can you tell us about it?

The business recently announced a new suite of products which complement our flagship Podcast Websites platform and our free knowledge-based teaching academy, The Podcast Success Academy.

Alongside Rebel Base Studios, a high-class podcast recording studio based at Sheffield Technology Parks, the company just announced, the world's only growth-oriented podcast host and Podcast Design Studio that provides fixed-price graphic design for podcasters. Alongside this is Poductivity, a product aiming to standardise audience interaction across the podcast industry.

What impact do you hope Rebel Base Studios will have on podcasting in Sheffield?

We love helping people to just try their hand at podcasting, so Rebel Base Studios will be running various workshops to allow new podcasters to have a go at recording their own show as well as encouraging more seasoned podcasters to record their shows in a world-class environment.

We wanted to create something affordable right here in the heart of Yorkshire and working with Sheffield Technology Parks, we've been able to do that. We want to help anyone with a message, to share it!

Is Rebel Base Studios just aimed at seasoned podcasters, or can people who are new to podcasting get involved?

We encourage new podcasters to get started. New podcasters will benefit from access to our Podcast Success Academy via the studio so that they can learn what it takes to create and grow a new podcast, and seasoned podcasters will really find themselves supported by the range of Rebel Base Media products and our team here. Our mission is to help podcasters to succeed, whether that's through getting started to growing an existing show.

What's on the horizon for Rebel Base in 2019?

Most of our work has been in the US up until now, but Sheffield and Yorkshire have a wonderfully vibrant podcaster scene that we want to help nurture and grow, so look out for lots of local focus throughout 2019 as well as helping to transform the overall industry on a global scale with products like Poductivity. Our main aim for 2019 is to help as many new podcasters as possible to get started, from idea to production. It can be really daunting to think of all the moving parts you have to navigate as a new podcaster and that's where our focus will be, helping people to overcome those barriers.

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Interview by Flick Jackson

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