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Movements (Feb '19): Monthly listings so you can change the world

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Welcome back, makers and shakers. I hope your New Year's resolution to solve all our societal issues and save the world from burning haven't quite been fulfilled yet, because February is looking promising.

I want to give a quick shout out to the oft forgotten venue. Venues pay the rent so all this great, inspirational stuff can happen. Action point for Feb? Next time you head down, give the folk on the door/bar/tech a smile.

Extinction Rebellion: Non-Violent Direct Action Training

Sat 2 Feb | 2:30-5pm | Union St, S1 2JP

Sheffield, for once, has kept up with the London activism scene by forming a local Extinction Rebellion group to support the run up to International Rebellion Week in April. They are training people up to take part in direct action and disruption. Go along to find out about the Rebellion, action essentials and nonviolent techniques.

href="">Global Justice Now: Monthly Meeting

Thurs 7 Feb | 7-9pm | Quaker Meeting House, S1 2EW

The Sheffield branch of Global Justice Now meets monthly to plan campaigns, lobby MPs and MEPs, organise public meetings, street actions and stalls. Join them in the fight for justice for people in poverty all across the world and a sustainable society.

Making Space: Exhibition of Squatting, Trespass & Housing Direct Action

Until 8 Feb | 11am-6pm | New Roots, S10 2HP

If you didn't manage to catch this exhibition at Union St last year I would highly recommend it. Its absolutely packed full of stories and information about historical property campaigns and those ongoing today, from the Magna Carta to Reclaim The Night.

Red Haus Books: Get Involved in the Red Haus Co-Operative

Until 9 Feb | 11am-10pm | Red Haus Books, S7 1FL

Red Haus Books want to hear from people who might be interested in forming part of a co-operative. They sell books and run events specialising in politics, history, pop culture and sociology. Drop in to the cafe and shop to chat to them about how you can help anytime until 9 February.

Period Positive: Galentine's Quiz

Weds 13 Feb | 7:30-9:30pm | Forum Bar, S3 7SB

Raising money for the incredible #periodpositive campaign, who aim to beat shame around menstruation so we can talk about the issues of reproductive health, social exclusion, gender discrimination and sustainability that period taboos prevent us from facing. Quiz, pizza, prosecco and periods sounds like a date to me.

Industrial Workers of the World: Union Social

Sat 16 Feb | From 4pm | Gardener's Rest, S3 8AT

IWW is a global member-led union for any worker of any employer that supports members, shows solidarity with campaigns such as the Stansted 15, and takes on companies including Uber and Deliveroo. They're hosting a social at Sheffield's only co-operatively run pub. Non-members and those interested in joining very welcome.

Sisterhood Social x Snowdrop Project: Clothes Exchange

Weds 20 Feb| 7-9:30pm | St Mary's Church, S2 4QZ

Not only will your cash go to the Snowdrop Project, supporting survivors of human trafficking, but you get to be a part of the slow fashion movement at the same time. Bring a bag of clothes, your own booze, have a boogie, some nibbles and take a bag of nearly-new clothes away.

Greenpeace: Film Screening of How To Change The World

Thurs 28 Feb | 7-10pm | Regather, S11 8BU

A big question for a documentary title, How To Change The World follows the birth of Greenpeace from a group setting out to stop Richard Nixon's nuclear bomb tests in Alaska to ending up creating the worldwide green movement we know today.

Go to for loads more listings like these.

Eleanor Holmshaw

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