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by Now Then Sheffield
Now Then is written by passionate local volunteers with something to say. The door is always open to anyone who wants to pitch ideas to us. It's incredibly important to us that we are using our magazine to showcase the things we love about Sheffield: the passion, character and uniqueness of its independent businesses; its oddball, outlier creative scene; its radical political past, present and future. Now Then's parent company, Opus, is a social enterprise and therefore exists for the good of the city. That's why Now Then is free to pick up. We welcome new writers to Now Then, whether you have experience in journalism or just fancy trying your hand at it. If you have an idea you want to explore, we recommend introducing yourself to our editor-in-chief with a sample of your past writing, if possible. We can flesh out the idea and talk about word counts and deadlines. It's also worth bearing in mind the below pointers before you start writing: 1.) We are an arts, culture and politics magazine. These themes are broad enough to bring together a lot of disparate topics, but this also means that your particular area of interest might not be the best fit for Now Then. Take a look through a recent issue to get more of a flavour of what we publish. Regular sections cover local politics and campaigning, independent and community business, music, film, food and creative writing - but we are open to ideas. Articles tend to be news, opinion pieces, reviews or interviews. 2.) We are interested in new discussions and fresh perspectives. Whether it's on a well-known topic or something that will be new to most readers, your article needs to bring something new to the table. Think carefully about who will read it and what you want to say to them, as well as recent coverage of the topic in Now Then and wider media. 3.) We don't believe in The Queen's English. Your voice is authentic. We favour an informal, chatty tone in our articles and we're more than happy to print slang and local dialect, as long as it's not too obscure. As for naughty words - yes, we print them sometimes, but we never aim to deliberately offend. 4.) We don't claim to be representative of all viewpoints. We're not party political, so we won't use the magazine to promote any political party, but we are certainly political – and proud of it. 5.) We are living in the future. 4-6 weeks in the future, to be precise. Our final deadlines tend to fall around 10th of each month for the following month's issue, but make sure you get in touch in good time, especially if your article is time-sensitive. 6.) Now Then is voluntarily regulated by IMPRESS. This means that all our journalism has to stick to the IMPRESS Standards Code, which "seeks to balance the rights of the public, journalists and publishers". We also have whistleblowing and complaints policies as recommended by IMPRESS. 7.) Space in print is limited, so we have to be very selective with what we publish. If we aren't able to find space for your article in print, we may be able to publish it online instead. If you have any questions about writing for Now Then, or just want to share an idea, please get in touch. )
by Now Then Sheffield

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