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Geometry Club: The Right Angle

Geometry Club is a celebration of architectural design through photography captured at ground level. The key to its appeal is the strict compositional guidelines. Align the apex of your building centrally, whilst the edges fall out of the frame symmetrically. It might sound a little tedious, but the results are mesmerising. So far over 150 Instagrammers have contributed to the project from cities around the world: Toyko, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, São Paulo and Sheffield. Quite a few from Sheffield. Sheffield is actually at the root of it all. It's where I curiously wondered the streets looking for interesting shapes and symmetry in the facades of our... car parks. You know the ones. I've always had a thing for minimalism, especially in design. I look for ways to simplify and narrow the focus on the thing that matters. This approach began to influence my photography and I became more and more obsessed with capturing bold shapes, strong contrasts and clean lines. I started the Instagram account @geometryclub to share and build on my collection of precisely-aligned architecture photos, but within a few weeks I had ran out of content to share. By this point, though, I had already seen the bigger picture. I imagined a worldwide collaboration, documenting exteriors from every continent, all connected by those two unambiguous guidelines. @geometryclub )

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