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Upcoming event looks at relationship between faith and health

Hosted by Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association, the panel event will focus on faith communities and their health and wellbeing, including awareness of Covid-19 vaccination.

Obi onyeador P Mnb Mc Jeftk unsplash
Obi Onyeador (Unsplash)

During the pandemic, Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association (SACMHA) has been working with the communities it serves to make sure they have access to community-based health and social care, especially when many already found it difficult to access adequate care.

Education and awareness around Covid-19 and vaccines has been a major focus for SACMHA in 2021. The Wicker-based charity has produced a range of accessible resources to that end, including up-to-date medical information, location of vaccination sites and answers to commonly asked questions.

They’ve also hosted a number of online events with medical and healthcare professionals so that people in their communities can ask questions and raise concerns.

Continuing their mission of community responsive agendas, SACMHA is hosting an online event titled ‘What’s Faith Got to Do with It?’ on 1 July. The focus will be on faith communities, with the aim of supporting people to get the information they need to make informed and critical decisions about health matters.

Hosted by Bishop Dr Joe Aldred of the National Church Leaders Forum, the panel will feature African Caribbean medical and health experts, as well as faith leaders from across the UK, including Reverend David Bussue, who is also the Service Director of SACMHA.

Asked about the importance of events like these, Bussue told Now Then, “SACMHA has formed a really positive and valued relationship with most of the Black majority churches as a means of gaining access to a significant part of African and Caribbean communities.

“So what this webinar aims to do is to help further increase knowledge and awareness within our communities to support them in making well informed decisions that are important to all of us.”

Further events to address issues around faith and healthcare are planned for later in July.

You can register for the event, scheduled for Thursday 1 July at 6pm, via the charity's website.

SACMHA wants to encourage people to submit questions ahead of the event by emailing There will also be the opportunity to ask questions on the day.

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