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Cut Some Capers

When it launched in May 2017, Cut Some Capers immediately stood out from the parade of identical new club nights clogging up social media feeds, not least because of its bizarre visuals and beautiful, hand-drawn posters. With a roll call of guests that already includes DEBONAIR, DJ Fett Burger, Andy Blake and DJ Bus Replacement Service, I spoke to founder Jack Scourfield to find out what he’s up to. What's the philosophy behind Cut Some Capers? Well, contrary to the occasional videos I get sent of friends gleefully chopping up capers on a plate in a restaurant, the name's derived from a line in the original 1973 The Wicker Man and the imagery of the night is based upon the creepy pagan themes from that film. The music policy is intended to have a similar level of 'weird'. I aim to book people who have more experimental tastes than just straightforward house and techno. I'm well aware that on paper this could all get quite chin-strokey though, so I try to strip much of the seriousness away, both in terms of the promotion and on the night. I had some promotional fidget spinners made, for example, and for the last event we handed out customised bottles of alcopops. I'd hope that, for those who come along, it feels almost as much like a house party as a club night, which is partly the thinking behind using intimate venues and only announcing the location on the day. They're quite often BYOB, too. I think the CSC philosophy could probably be boiled down to 'small, secretive and slightly silly'. Tell us about your next night. Our next outing's on 23 March, with Elena Colombi from NTS headlining. I can't think of many people who epitomise our musical outlook more than she does. We've tried to book her for several of our previous parties but she's always deservedly been busy playing various festivals and clubs abroad. Her tastes tend to mix industrial, post-punk, EBM and synth-wave with techno and acid, and her radio shows have been very influential on our whole ethos. We'll be taking to another new space for us, which upon daylight inspection is shaping up to be perfect, with great intimate bunker vibes. This is only our second non-BYOB event and I'm still yet to figure out which format I prefer or, more importantly, what those in attendance prefer. At present I'm leaning towards BYOB, but I'm keen to hear feedback. What can you tell us about the first birthday in May? It looks like we’ll be returning to the venue that hosted my favourite CSC to date, which I’m very much looking forward to. We’ve got a couple of great guests as well. Sofay from Subcity Radio in Glasgow is someone I’ve been hoping to have along for a while, so I’m very pleased she’ll be playing the birthday, and Vladimir Ivkovic for me is one of the finest DJs in Europe at the moment. He’s a frequent co-conspirator of Lena Willikens and shares her love for really weird, freaky stuff that you have no idea how the hell they’ve found. Who would be your dream booking? I think Andrew Weatherall would probably be the final boss in terms of the sort of DJs we look to book. He's been a big inspiration. Also, anyone who's willing to play a 100% Björk set. I could retire happy after that. cut some capers Spotify Playlist )

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