11-13 March, Showroom Cinema

It's very nearly that time of year again - the time that the inner adventurer in all of us Sheffield folks pokes its head out from the comfort of the duvet to see the delights and challenges that this great city has in wait - and what better way to get the spring engines turning over than a weekend of inspirational stories at the annual Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF).

Now in its 11th year, the ShAFF team have put together a three-day programme of films that reach dizzying new heights, even by their vertigo-inducing, adrenaline-soaked standards. Here are three from the extensive list to whet your appetite. Screenings are organised in sessions (named in brackets), each of which is ticketed separately.

3022 ft (Running Films 1) - The second oldest trail race in America, beginning in 1907, Mt Marathon originated as a bar bet and remained a secret to Alaskan runners for most of its history. Athletes share their ambitions and dreams, detailing career comebacks and life-threatening injuries.

Unbranded (Spirit of Adventure 3) - An award-winning documentary about four young would-be cowboys who travel with 16 wild horses from the Mexican to the Canadian borders.

Paul (Surf & Kayak Films 1) - Paul, a 13-year-old from the township of Dunoon, South Africa, dreams of becoming a surfer. It's not so easy without any transport or money for equipment, but with a little help he's on his way. Narrated by surfing legend Robby Naish.

For programme information and tickets, visit

Sharrow Lantern Carnival

Sun 10 April, 7:30PM
Mt Pleasant Park

Believe it or not, the magnificent Sharrow Lantern Carnival, which attracts over 3,000 people each year, is celebrating its 12th anniversary this coming April, so we thought we'd throw a little love out to this highly regarded community effort which, as ever, would always benefit from your time and your support.

Sharrow Lantern Carnival began in 2004 as a celebration of the first anniversary marking the end of the Iraq war. The group who originally began the carnival wanted to bring peaceful protest to the streets of Sharrow and have continued to keep this ethos alive.

The carnival is entirely run by volunteers and relies on donations to run weekly lantern making workshops, which this year start on Saturday 6 February (1-5pm) and run every Saturday and Sunday until Saturday 9 April. For those of you with busy weekends, the carnival crew will also be hosting workshops at St Mary's Church on Wednesday nights (7-9pm) on 9, 16, 23, 30 March and 6 April.

If craft and construction is not your strong suit, there are other ways to contribute towards the carnival team by stewarding on the day or helping promote and publicise the event and workshops in the run up. 

You can find out more information on how to get involved in these workshops by visiting or by searching for 'Sharrow Lantern Carnival' on Facebook.

Photo by Alex Quant

Sheffield Jazz at Hop Hideout

Thurs 11 Feb, £6

As part of the Live Hideout events series, this month sees local stalwarts Sheffield Jazz hosting a gig at the Abbeydale Road-based Hop Hideout, for an evening of fine ales and live music from acclaimed jazz guitarist, Jamie Taylor.

Jamie has had a packed schedule of late, having worked with leading musicians across a range of styles, including Baptiste Herbin, Tori Freestone, Laura Jurd, David Lyttle, Carlos Lopez-Real, Reuben Fowler, Jamil Sheriff and Richard Hawley.

He is also a principal lecturer at Leeds College of Music, teaching guitar and musicianship on the UK’s longest-running jazz degree programme, for which he was Course Leader between 2007 and 2009. To see him perform in this cosy and well-stocked haven of hops will be a rare treat, with limited tickets available. We recommend booking early at

Also at Hop Hideout this month: Homebrew Hideout (Tues 9 Feb, free), where you can chat about homebrewing, and a 'meet the brewer' event with Chorlton Brewing Co (Thurs 18 Feb, £10).

PechaKucha Sheffield Vol#20

Thurs 10 Mar, Yellow Arch, £6-9

We've been partners to PechaKucha Sheffield since its early days, and some of us have had the pleasure of gracing its stage as speakers, so it's been great to see their events expanding in scope and appeal as they continue their exploration of Sheffield venues large and small.

Next month sees PK reach its landmark 20th volume. Themed around 'Sheffield Heaven', PK#20 will explore "that intangible but wonderful thing that makes Sheffield the heavenly place it is". A tough one, that, but as ever PK set the bar high and their guest speakers often raise it further. And what better place for such an event than Yellow Arch, the birthplace of so many landmark Sheffield albums and now a fully fledged, fully licensed venue. If you've not been down there of late, this is as good a time as any.

PK regulars will know the score - multiple 20x20 talks (20 presentation slides, 20 seconds each), plus short video segues, live music and entertainment, all designed to inspire and energise. Info and tickets at

Party For The People

Having worked closely with the crew that has brought parties to the people for many a moon, it give us immense pleasure to announce the launch of Party For The People's charitable foundation, which goes live from the beginning of this month.

Regular readers will know that PFTP have warranted column inches in this here publication on more than one occasion for their stand-out bookings and all-round aceness, so this new chapter in their story really is the icing on an already delicious cake.

The reasons for the establishment of the foundation are three-fold: to increase the efficiency of the donations process, meaning that more of the money they raise goes towards more good times for Sheffield; to enable them to work more closely with charities and community partners through joint projects; and to promote other independent organisations and support their activities through PR and marketing.

So, in short, there's never been a better time to party in good conscience.

Owen Jones

Mon 29 Feb, Octagon, £8

It was our pleasure to bring Owen Jones to Sheffield last year as part of the Festival of Debate and we were equally pleased when Off The Shelf Festival booked him in autumn, speaking on the theme of 'The Politics of Hope' alongside Shami Chakrabarti, Paul Mason and Gary Younge.

That event sold out very quickly, so plenty of people (us included, actually) weren't able to make it, but thankfully Owen will return to Sheffield at the end of February to reprise this talk.

Discussing his writing for The Guardian and New Statesman, as well as his second book, The Establishment - And How They Get Away With It, he will no doubt inflame passions regarding economic and social injustices, before offering up the hope of a better world and how we might get there. This will likely sell out again, so if you're interested we would advise you to get your skates on. Tickets available via