500g cooking apples, after peeling and coring
500g blackberries
75ml water
1kg sugar

1. Put the sliced apple and water into the preserving pan.
2. Cook gently until the apples become soft.
3. Add the blackberries.
4. Continue cooking until all the fruit is soft.
5. Stir in the sugar.
6. Continue stirring until sugar is dissolved.
7. Boil rapidly until jam will set (see general instructions).

A seedless version of this jam can be made with small, sour apples or crab apples, in which case do not peel or core the apples, but cut them up and cook them with the water and the blackberries until soft. Then rub the fruit thoroughly through a sieve. Use one pint of pulp to 1lb of sugar and continue as above.


500g greengages or plums (stoned)
500g sugar
Use 75-100ml of water if fruit is under-ripe. Use no water if fruit is ripe.

1. Put the fruit and water (if needed) into the preserving pan.
2. Simmer until the fruit is soft and skins disintegrate if rubbed between thumb and finger (make sure it has cooled a little before you do this).
3. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
4. Boil rapidly until jam will set.