Plenty to shout about this month, including the beginning of the Festival of Debate, which runs throughout March and April. We have co-ordinated over 40 events on a variety of topics with the aim of getting people talking about the issues that matter to them. Keynote speakers include Owen Jones, Shami Chakrabarti and George Monbiot. More info at festivalofdebate.com.

It was a pleasure to talk to Prof David Nutt about drug policy and research ahead of a new Drugs Live programme on cannabis airing on Channel 4 this month.

This month we feature the graphical styles of Sheffield-based artist and designer Joe McDonnell, also known as Metamorphic Illustration. A much-needed design-focussed art submission for this mag.

This month’s mix is a nice slice of jungle via Alex Deadman of R8 Records fame. Have a listen below.