The Night Kitchen

7 Smithfield

As The Night Kitchen, or TNK as it’s known to regulars, approaches its first full year, we wanted to take the opportunity to say well done to everyone involved. Renovating, programming and managing an event space which was previously a disused cutlery factory is a task not to be sniffed at. Doing this on a shoestring budget with a principled ethos is nothing short of a ‘water into wine’ moment.

Speaking to the gang at TNK, they are over the moon with their achievements to date, and are looking forward with an avid intensity, continuing their commitment to curating forward thinking and innovative line ups while supporting local promoters and artists. Next up will be a Party for the People event featuring Bicep, Deep Space Orchestra, Hesseltime, Sisterhood, Squarehead and Pedram on 6 March. You can get tickets at

For those of you unaware of the role that Party for the People plays, PFTP is a charity, very much linked to the same group of people behind CADS and TNK. The aim is to donate profit made from ticket income to good causes. The list of charities they support is extensive, including the likes of Oxfam, CRESST, The Long Well Walk and Sheffield Mind. TNK will be celebrating their anniversary in good company, with Locked Groove, South London Ordnance and Space Dimension controller on 20 March. Get down.

Tonearm Vinyl

401 South Road

After mulling it over for three years, Scott Mcmullin took the plunge in 2013 and opened his own record shop, Tonearm Vinyl. I am sure all of our readers can appreciate that the record industry, though seeing a rise in the last few years, is hardly a big money-making opportunity. A labour of love then - something that we at Now Then are intimately aware of and inspired by.

Tonearm is focussed on presentation, quality and value for money. You will not have to step over boxes or clamber over crates to get to the records. You can get a pram in here and console your youngsters with a corner in the shop while you momentarily immerse your Saturday self.

Tonearm is open on Saturdays only and will be launching their new website this month, where you can purchase stock online. They also package and mail out records as gifts for loved ones, whether you have bought them online or at the shop. Also new to the shop in February are custom-made tote bags featuring your favourite classic album covers.

Music-wise, Tonearm covers a massive range, from Buddy Holly to Iron Maiden and beyond. They also have a local music section, supporting local artists, and a bespoke classical and jazz section, new this month. You can use the Now Then Discounts App here as well - spend £25 and get 25% off. You can’t say fairer than that. 

The Absence of War

6-21 February, Crucible

From Academy Award-nominated writer, David Hare, and presented with razor-sharp timing ahead of this year's General Election, comes the highly anticipated new staging of The Absence of War. As insightful as it is funny, the play forms one third of Hare's excellent trilogy about British institutions, following the trials and tribulations of a Labour party leader in opposition during the campaign for the 1992 General Election.
Based on Hare's behind the scenes access to Neil Kinnock's campaign for that election, it deals with issues still relevant today - the role of spin doctors, the media and how we see our politicians. Not to be missed.

Jazz at the Lescar

Sweet mother of pearl – how do they do it? Jazz At The Lescar continue to make the most daring and cutting-edge jazz bookings in the city. World-class performers (not at all an overstatement) in the back room of a pub for a fiver. It’s utterly righteous.
Some recommendations for you - Tipping Point (new project of James Mainwaring of Roller Trio) on 18 February will be a stonker, the marvellously named George Crowley’s Can of Worms come to town on 25 February, and the Tam De Villiers Quartet on 18 March will bring a sprinkling of prog, rockabilly and plenty more, led by the virtuoso guitarist. Come one, come all, whether you’re a seasoned jazzer or an inquisitive first timer.


Is your New Year filled with a variety of commitments to health and wellbeing? One of the most vital nuts to crack is giving up smoking cigarettes. We all know those cancer sticks are deadly, but quitting is tough.
Electronic cigarettes could be your answer. Why not pop by a Mirage shop near you and give it a whirl? The benefits are abundant - you don’t stink of smoke, you save money, you can ‘smoke’ indoors and, most importantly, you’ll die at a slower pace than before. Mirage is local, it’s independent and they’ve brought a product to market that could potentially save lives.


2Weeks2MakeIt is an annual music video competition run by South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network (SYFN). The idea is to randomly pair up participating musicians with filmmakers, who are then given two weeks to collaboratively create a music video, from concept to finished product. Last year’s winner, Ham Pocket’s ‘Fine Line Between Love and Crime’, is a sight to behold.
Filmmakers and musicians, you’ve got until 6 March to sign up. The competition will run 13-27 March, with a gala screening event on 5 April at the Showroom, and there’s a £500 cash prize for the winner. Visit the SYFN website or email for more info.

Now Then Discounts App

We have passed 4,000 users and 140 listed traders on the Now Then Discounts App. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of the project so far. Keep cashing in on those bargains and let us know if you have suggestions for improvements or new independent traders you want to see listed. We are all ears, and we want to make it as useful as we can for the end user.
New traders for 2015 include Somewhere Else Coffee House (£1 cake with any large hot drink), Electric Works (10% off conference bookings in March) and Peter Bland Opticians (10-15% off frames). If you’ve got an Apple or Android device and haven’t had a look yet, give it a whirl.

Creative Arts Development Space

7 Smithfield

Creative Arts Development Space has a vision, which is to create a community of artisan productivity by providing affordable studio and event space to artists and creatives alike. CADS is a registered charity and, given the growth of the organisation since its inception in May 2013, it’s fair to say the culmination of this vision is within their grasp.
If you are a local artist interested in renting studio or event space, CADS, located just a ten-minute walk from the city centre in Shalesmoor, could be ideal. Alternatively, it’s worth checking out, a website listing new studio spaces across Sheffield which has links with CADS.