Festival of Debate

March-April 2015
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The Festival of Debate is a new venture for Now Then and Opus for 2015. Working with various partner organisations and individuals, we will host a range of talks, Q&As, roundtable discussions, debates and workshops leading up to the General Election on 7 May.

We believe too many people feel disenfranchised and unrepresented, in Sheffield and across the UK, on local and national issues. Given the great importance of the upcoming election and the vast range of views likely to be expressed in the run up, we want to get people talking about the topics that matter to them, exploring the important issues of the day and working towards some solutions. Events will range from keynote speakers to hands-on workshops, hopefully catering for as a wide a group of attendees as possible.

The full programme is yet to be confirmed, but keep your eyes peeled for more information. If you want to get involved, email James@opusindependents.com as soon as possible, because all events need to be confirmed by the end of January.

Eye Openers

Films for a fiver at the Showroom

As the only independent cinema in the city, the Showroom is a sanctuary of film, with screenings handpicked for local audiences, from new indie releases and stone-cold classics to themed programmes and cutting edge documentaries.

Well, the good news (for you, cinephile Sheffielders) is that in association with this here magazine, the Showroom continues to run a special series of screenings called Eye Openers, showing a wide range of films for a fiver. Yep, just five pounds sterling.

All you have to do to get access to this joyous offer is download the Now Then Discounts App to your Apple or Android phone and show it at the box office when buying tickets to selected screenings. Pay a visit to the Showroom site for a full list, but while we’re here...

Life Itself follows the life of renowned film critic Roger Ebert, charting the huge impact of his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism and cultural commentary (Mon 26 Jan, 6pm).

Night Will Fall is an unflinching and harrowing documentary, but one that is well worth your time if you have an interest in history and politics (Tue 27 Jan, 8pm).

Wood Job! is a coming-of-age tale from Shinobu Yaguchi, director of Water Boys, based on Shion Miura's bestseller novel. Featuring an introduction Q&A with the director (Thurs 5 Feb, 5.45pm).

Frances O'Grady

Octagon, University of Sheffield Students’ Union
19 February, 6pm

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) is holding the third of its In Conversation evenings at 6pm on 19 February at the Octagon with Frances O'Grady. You can register your attendance via the Eventbrite page.

Frances became the General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in January 2013, the first woman ever to hold this post. With 54 affiliated unions representing 6.2 million working people from all walks of life, the TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.

Fair pay is at the core of Frances's work. She was on the Resolution Foundation’s Commission on Living Standards and has been a member of the Low Pay and the High Pay Commissions. Frances is a strong believer in protecting the public service ethos, opposes privatisation and leads the TUC campaign to save the NHS. It’s well worth a trip out to hear the words of this impassioned campaigner for social justice and workers’ rights.

Now Then Discounts App


We are now approaching 4,000 users on the Now Then Discounts App across Apple and Android devices. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of the project so far. Keep cashing in on the bargains listed and let us know if you have suggestions for changes or improvements to the functionality of the app, or new independent traders you want to see listed on it. We are all ears, and we want to make it as useful as we can for the end user.

Don’t forget, it includes a map function, as well as quick links for phone, email and website for every listed trader.

To those of you who still haven’t checked the app out, here are some of the newest additions since December:

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