Mirage E-Cigarettes


We’ve all seen those sexualised e-cig ads on TV, a cross between a Carry On film and those rude channels at the end of your TV Guide, but the bad reputation of the industry can’t distract from the positives.

With an estimated 2.1 million people in Britain smoking e-cigarettes, it’s a booming industry and it’s always good to see independent businesses do well, especially when it’s in our neck of the woods.

Mirage started back in 2008 in our very own Sheffield and has come on leaps and bounds since then, with shops opening all over the place. Unlike some companies, Mirage comply with all purity and safety requirements and have more recently been calling for regulatory standards like emission testing. Despite their name, there is no illusion about what you’re buying.

Mirage have even started a Made in Sheffield range of e-liquids, manufactured in the city in their custom built clean room laboratory. Not only are they promoting the city they started in, but their shops feature artwork from Kid Acne, so championing local artists is something we have in common.

What’s more, with the Now Then Discounts App, if you pop into any of their Sheffield stores you can get 10% off any purchase over £15. If you’re a smoker yourself, or want to entice a loved one into a certain new year’s resolution, maybe it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

Now Then Discounts App


Ah Christmas. ‘Tis the season to frantically buy gifts for everyone and have a nervous gift giving breakdown. But worry not. We have a little tool that will relieve that wrapping paper monstrosity.

The Now Then app has been up and running for three months now and is available for free on Apple and Android devices, so get it downloaded and join the other 2,500 users. With over 120 featured traders who are all independent and local, we daresay Christmas is sorted.

Christmas cards are a good place to start, and if you’re in Nether Edge, Wickwire has got you covered. Just flash them the app and the price of five Christmas cards becomes four. Not bad. Beeches of Walkley, the fine butchers/supermarket on South Road, are also offering a cracking deal - £5 off a £40 shop. Perfect for your pigs in blankets and that awkward relative who doesn’t like turkey.

The Milestone are giving two courses for £14 or three for a mere £2.50 extra, with a complementary glass of wine or local ale. Connoisseurs will love the exclusive offer from Le Bon Vin, giving reduced rates on multiple bottles of wine to ensure supplies are fully stocked for a Christmas tipple. What’s missing? Ah yes, cheese. Luckily S&J’s Pantry in the Moor Market has an expanded range, and you can get 10-15% off with the app.

There’s something on there for everybody, so stop being a grinch, help your local businesses and buy an original gift for that special someone. Have an independent festive season.



Fancy putting something back into the community this Christmas? Then it’s well worth placing your money into shares for The Roco, an ambitious project on Glossop Road that will see them open up new spaces to cater for creative types across the city, combining arts, businesses, design, small manufacturing, retail and nightlife, all under one roof.

Being only £35,000 away from their fundraising target, and it being the season of giving, there’s no better time to invest. By doing so you’re helping shape the city we all know and love with the creation of a new cultural asset that is co-operatively owned. Now that’ll put you on Santa’s nice list.

Birdhouse Tea Company

7b Nether Edge Road

This is the perfect opportunity to put in a joke about us English and our love of tea, but you just can’t beat a good brew. That’s why it’s worth checking out Birdhouse Tea Company, a family-run business new to Nether Edge.

Bringing with them award-winning teas, Sheffield inspired tastes and tea-infused fusions, it’s worth a look in. So when you’re curled up warm watching chestnuts roasting on an open fire – or however you intend to spend this bloody cold winter surrounded by tinsel and other tat – keep in mind that it’s not complete without a good tea in hand.

Bannerdale Osteopaths


Steven at Bannerdale Osteopaths tells us that the human head is over 8% of a person’s body weight, and that as you leans over your phone or tablet, every inch forward from neutral effectively doubles the weight of your head. Aside from a collection of well-meaning quips, we’re impressed. Located at 5 Machon Bank Road in Nether Edge, Bannerdale Osteopaths are offering 50% off for first-time patients using the Now Then Discounts app, as well as gift vouchers on their website. They could help you with a variety of ailments, including back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica, elbow, hip, knee and ankle issues, with a range of treatments including osteopathy, hypnotherapy, reflexology and Indian head massage. Improve yourself this New Year.


Leadmill, 27 December

Good deeds at the Leadmill this month with the much-loved Harrisons returning to the stage on 27 December in aid of Sheffield Mind and the Sheffield Hallam ICU. Harrisons formed in 2003 in Hillsborough and rose to prominence in the mid noughties alongside the Arctic Monkeys and Milburn. Following their split in 2008, this is a final farewell show done proper for the fans.

The gig is being put on in memory of a number of much-loved local musicians who have passed away this year. Show your support this Christmas for the aforementioned good causes and get down to the Leadmill the day after Boxing Day.

Grounded Coffee


Grounded Coffee have cause for celebration, and since it's nearly Christmas we thought we'd help them get the word out. Not only has their original shop in Meadowhall appointed a new manager, but their new shop on Chapel Walk is flourishing. With a combined team of ten staff members, this is a real success story for independent trade.

For those of you yet to visit Grounded, they aim to bring the best selection of coffees and teas from all four corners of the globe, with over 30 flavours to choose from. You can also use the Now Then Discounts app and pick up any medium hot drink and a large pouch of coffee for just £5. Boom.

Charlotte Newton


The key to Christmas present success is buying unique gifts that don’t look like they’ve come off a factory line. We are fortunate to have many options in this city, one of which is photographs by Charlotte Newton. Charlotte’s work combines a Pop Art sentiment with shots of some of the city’s most recognisable locations and landmarks.

Her prints and totebags are affordable and are stocked all over the city, from Bird’s Yard on Chapel Walk to Porter Brook Deli, Record Collector, Books on the Park and The Famous Sheffield Shop. Or you can buy one directly from Charlotte’s stall on Fargate, opposite the Orchard Square entrance, 5-24 December, 10am-5pm.