Six years on and we’re still here. I know I do this every April, but I have to extend a huge thanks to everyone who has helped Now Then become what it is in any capacity. We’re certainly not resting on our laurels, but milestones like this give us a chance to reflect on what we do, and we can’t help but acknowledge that the Now Then family extends far further than our office walls.

Once again, to celebrate the occasion we have commissioned a pale ale from Abbeydale Brewery, quite simply called Now Then. Keep an eye out for it in April and May and read more in this month’s Favourites section.

I’m really pleased with the words in this issue and it’s a great pleasure to feature the art of Kid Acne again after so many years. As ever, get in touch with me if you have an opinion or want to get involved with the magazine.


This month’s mix comes from Alex Keegan of local promoters Bat Makumba. Check out their nights down at the Audacious Art Space for more eclecticism.