It’s always a pleasure and never a chore to be back in print after our January break. Hopefully 2014 is treating you well so far. It’s treating us very well, because after months of deliberation, re-drafting and team decisions, we have finally rolled out our new design format. As ever, give us a shout if you have thoughts or opinions, but we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out.

This month we feature a submission from US collage artist Beth Hoeckel. Something a bit different, I think you’ll agree. My recommended read goes to Ian Pennington’s interview with the Public Domain Review, a website dedicated to showcasing creative and historical work with an open licence, with Andrew Wood’s architecturally anthropomorphic piece Talking Tall coming in a very close second.

If you are keen to contribute to the magazine, we want to hear from you. Now Then isn’t written by professionals and it’s all about reflecting what’s going on around us. If you’ve got something to say, pipe up.

This month we also launch our new mix series. We will be asking local DJs, promoters and musicians to contribute, but first up is our resident DJs with a collection of electronica, jazz, rock and a few surprises along the way. Click the Now Then logo for the full tracklist.