My, my. Our final magazine of the year. And we had so much more to say…

We’re really pleased to include the art of Scottish illustrator Robbie Porter this month, alongside some fantastic articles on benefits reforms, the economic recovery and social enterprise, plus an exclusive snapshot of our online poetry resource for this year’s Lyric Festival in the Word Life section and an interview with the phenomenal folk musician Sam Amidon. Online you will find an interview with local violin loop extraordinaire Sieben, a review of Chuck Palahniuk at Off The Shelf Festival, additional music reviews and more.

I know it’s easy to order all of your Christmas presents on Amazon, but aside from their shamelessly unethical tax dodging antics, you will be better able to find unique gifts for friends and family in the shops of local traders. Small businesses are selling some of the best products you can get your hands on and they really rely on your support at this time of the year. Use this month as an opportunity to check out the things that are right under your nose and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

We’ll be online only next month, so keep an eye out, and then back in print in February.