It’s a pleasure to be back in print this month after our usual two month summer break. We’ve got some great magazines in store for you before the year is out. If you missed our July and August online-only issues though, get online and take a look. There’s some great stuff up there, including artwork by Stoneface and Peter Et Le Wolff, interviews with film editor and sound designer Walter Murch, Jurassic 5 rapper Chali 2na and Soul Jazz Records founder Stuart Baker, as well as loads of reviews and articles.

This month we are happy to present the art of Florence Blanchard (a.k.a Ema), an insightful piece on Castle Market, a feature on comedian Simon Munnery, and an interview with Michael Ward, one of the writers of Now Will You Listen!, an audio-visual storytelling event taking place this month as part of Sensoria Festival.

Speaking of Sensoria, we are chuffed to be media sponsors for this year’s festival, so you will find plenty of tidbits scattered throughout the mag. If you want to look at their rather fabulous programme, head to sensoria.org.uk.

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