Not Driving.


A couple of weeks ago Now Then Magazine was kindly invited out on a pub crawl courtesy of #notdriving and Thornbridge Brewery. We travelled to four different Thornbridge pubs with a pint or so in each in an effort to extol the virtues of leaving the car at home in favour of more sustainable transport options - in our case a minibus filled with local celebrity musicians Hey Sholay, The Crookes and Hotsoles, plus competition winners and an assorted number of the Sheffield free magazine press core.

We are able to confirm that at no point during this cross pub adventure did we wish that we were driving or in fact that we had all driven independently. We have faith that this translates into a victory for the campaign. Quite frankly there are enough drunken death on the roads already.

In all seriousness, the #notdriving campaign is a common sense solution to a problem that is often swept under the rug in the face of whatever topical collapse occurs in the mass media each week. Our environment and our approach to environmental issues are of course concerning on a civilisational scale and it is important to recognise a good effort to tip this balance in a positive direction wherever possible.

#notdriving has been set up by a team of people who aim to tackle bad travel habits. The scheme offers prizes like VIP treatments, product giveaways and tickets to events and cultural happenings around Sheffield in return for people making greener travel choices. Monthly prize draws take place on the #notdriving website. To enter, simply take an alternative means of transport, be it public transport, walking, cycling or smarter driving (car sharing). You then pledge those saved car miles you would have spent in the car to the website, which enters you into the monthly draw, whereby you may win an assortment of the aforementioned fantastic prizes. What’s not to like?

Chard Remains Photographical.

If you’re a regular reader you will already be aware of Chard Remains Photographical, who since February has been providing high-quality images to accompany our Dead Space article series by Max Everett and Geoff Mackay (see examples here, here and here).

What you might not know is this one-man team is a very versatile photographer with interests in a wide variety of subjects, including vintage car shows, tattoos, graffiti, architecture, urban exploration and live music events. Take a look at his Facebook and Flickr page to get a feel for what he does. You never know - you might have a use for his services.

Wellbeing Festival.

Fargate, Friday 26th July, 10am-4pm.

Although things are much better than they used to be, there is still not enough importance placed on mental health in our society. Common new year’s resolutions include going to the gym more often, eating better or quitting smoking, but rarely do you hear someone say, “Next year I’m going to take better care of my mind”. In reality this includes regular exercise and a healthy diet, but there’s more to it than that. Constructive hobbies are important, as well as regular socialising, learning new skills and teaching yourself how to unwind after a hard day’s work. The oft-quoted statistic that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives only serves to underline the vital importance of living a balanced life, mentally and physically.

On Friday 26th July, Sheffield Mind will bring together a host of organisations and charities from across the city to celebrate mental wellbeing and showcase the range of services they offer to people experiencing mental health problems and their carers. Across Fargate there will be stalls offering information, self help resources and volunteering opportunities; free taster sessions of positive activities like zumba, yoga and parachute games; plus music, games, quizzes and facepainting for the kids. The whole event is geared towards promoting good health and removing the stigma of talking to others about the inner workings of our minds.

If you or anyone you know ever needs support, this event should be a good indication of the depth of services available to you in Sheffield. The official opening will be presided over by Paul Blomfield MP and local councillor Mary Lea will speak at midday.

For more information on the event, contact Sara Hill on 0114 438 0737 or

Sheffield Student Housing Co-op.

Once fully established, SSHC will be one of the UK’s first student housing co-ops. The idea is simple - to help students provide themselves with decent, affordable housing on their own terms. They estimate that rents will be set at around £60 per week, including a provision for maintenance and improvements. This money goes towards paying off a collective mortgage.

Surprisingly, while there are precedents over the Atlantic, there aren’t many similar initiatives in the UK. Currently the group has its eye on a seven-bedroom house in Upperthorpe which includes two empty shop units. Over the next few months they will decide on their legal structure, become incorporated and start applying for funding. If you are interested in getting involved, contact


2Weeks2MakeIt is a film making competition arranged by South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network. After the launch event last month, 15 musicians and bands have now been randomly paired with 15 film making groups with a view to creating 15 music videos to accompany a track of their choice, with a time frame of just 2 weeks from start to finish. Groups taking part include the Purgatory Players, Captives on the Carousel, Great Deeds, Ham Pocket and the Early Cartographers.

The Gala Competition Awards Night on 15th July will see the public and a panel of expert judges choose a winning entry, bagging the band in question a live slot at Liverpool Sound City Festival next year, among other prizes. Tickets for the final event can be booked via the Showroom website for £3. For more info, take a look at the SYFN site.