Doesn’t time fly when you’re working hard? We are pleased to round off another year with a stellar mag, packed full of interesting articles, covering disruptive technologies, asylum, city planning, how to go about buying your first bike, and more. We also have interviews with author and parliamentary researcher Owen Jones and beatboxer Jason Singh. Turn to page 14 for our Christmas food and drink suggestions.

As you hopefully already know, Now Then Manchester is progressing well on the other side of the Pennines, with issue 2 on the streets as we speak. We’re really proud to have finally got this project off the ground. If you know anyone in Manchester who might like to be involved, from advertisers and musicians to writers and poets, drop Ian Pennington a line on ian@ nowthenmagazine.com.

This is also a significant magazine for us because it will be the last one designed by Matt Jones. Matt is moving on to work on his own art and other design projects, so to celebrate his four and a half years as Now Then art director, this month’s art submission is a portfolio of his own work.

Now Then owes a great deal of its visual identity and striking style to Jones’s work. They are pretty few and far between these days, but just compare the very first issue of Now Then with this one and you will see just how far we have come since April 2008.

We wish Matt all the best. If you want to check out his own projects in more detail, take a look at madebyjones.com, or stop in to Cafe #9 in Nether Edge, where some of his work based on Hilbert’s Curve is currently being exhibited.

A Merry Christmas to you all. We will once again take a break from print in January, but you can find all the usual articles, reviews and interviews at nowthenmagazine.com in the New Year, and we will be back in the physical world in early February. You can get me on sam@nowthenmagazine.com.