Sheaf View.

25 Gleadless Road.
0114 249 6455.

For most pub goers worth their salt, The Sheaf needs no introduction. Regularly cited as one of the best pubs in Sheffield, it is the light at the end of the tunnel for many a hard worker, with 'Sheaf Sunday' having become a popular trend in recent years. People happily make the journey across the city every day of the week to enjoy its fine beverages.

It is hard to sum up what makes this ale house so special in so few words. On first impression it looks like your average traditional pub, with a spacious conservatory and generous garden. But The Sheaf has that ineffable, indefinable quality that all pubs strive for years to foster: real atmosphere. Pop your head in on any given evening and you will see a surprisingly wide range of punters. It's rare for a pub to attract students, 20 and 30-somethings, families, seasoned 'tickers' and retirees in almost equal measure.

But The Sheaf's legendary status is more than just hyped-up word of mouth and there is a reason its reputation precedes it. Its rotating selection of ales covers a lot of ground, geographically and in terms of taste, while the mainstays like Easy Rider and Acorn continue to fly out. The staff always go above and beyond - never seeming like they would prefer to be somewhere else, a pet hate we all share. In summer the beer garden is buzzing with lively conversation and generously flowing cider; in winter the interior is warm and cozy, with hearty sandwiches and pork pies on hand. Spirits are not neglected either, with a wide and reasonably priced range always available, and the only lagers served are quality ones. Smokers are treated to a covered smoking area, well behaved dogs are permitted and an atmosphere of good humour and wit is so prevalent that it may inexplicably be soaked into the very walls.

It is indeed difficult to nail down the unique charm of this awardwinning pub. Those who have never been might read this article with cynicism, but those who have will be nodding their head in agreement to most of the above. Quite simply, The Sheaf is an institution in the proper sense of the word, and one that will remain for many, many years to come.

Party for the People.

Everyone loves music, and we daresay a lot of people reading this love a good party. We are spoilt for choice for gigs and events in Sheffield, particularly at this time of the year, so it's great that someone is thinking about how we can give something back while simultaneously having a ruddy good time.

Party For The People aims to raise money for local and national charities through music events and other recreational activities going on across the city. Many of us attend events every week, with a door tax usually proportionate to the calibre of the live acts or performers on offer, but if everyone makes a small donation on top of this a great deal of money can be raised for good causes. This is the undeniably positive foundation that Party For The People is built on.

PFTP has recently branched out to selling tickets for club nights, with a small booking fee being donated to charity. Links have already been established with a number of promoters in the city, including Drumroll, Planet Zogg, Displace, STI, Tinnitus, De:bug, Mixed in Sheffield and Cargo, and the social enterprise is also involved with events taking place in Manchester and Birmingham. Its most recent success story is raising money for Leeds Little Livers, a charity supporting children suffering with liver disease and related complications, with the help of the Collect! club night at the DLS/CADS complex.

There will be a Party For The People event taking place at DLS on 16th November, with a cross-section of resident DJs from local events performing alongside PFTP representative Chid Iheanacho, with a view to raising in excess of £2,000. Another local beneficiary of PFTP fundraising is CRESST, a charity that helps children and young people learn conflict resolution skills for use at school and in the community.

If you want to get involved in this worthy cause or have suggestions for charities to support, you can contact PFTP on the above web links. Otherwise, just bear it in mind next time you are booking tickets for your favourite party. Paying a couple of quid extra for a good cause will not significantly affect your bank balance - in fact you won't notice it - and if we all get into the habit of doing it we can really make a difference in the local community and beyond.

The Derby Store.

58 Eldon Street.

After noticing what were once mere murmurs about the UK's fastest growing women's sport turn into excited chatter, we thought it time to investigate the world of Roller Derby.

It turns out that not only does our city boast one of the most formidable teams around, but we also just got the only shop in England to specialise solely in Roller Derby equipment. To be found in the units behind the Dev Green skate park, the Derby Store encapsulates the essence of the sport - small and unassuming at a glance, but with a sense of an imminent growth spurt heavy in the air.

The recurring phrase we heard when talking to owner Craig and veteran coach Jane was 'no experience needed', with many of the now successful skaters having turned up to a bout having never skated before. This wholly accessible, high octane sport is about to blow up in Britain, so if you want to get involved, speak to Jane at or pop into the shop.

Drop The Bomb.

No, Drop The Bomb is not a terrorist organisation or an end-ofthe- world suicide cult. Quite the opposite. The name refers to the act of dropping a particularly heavy crowd-pleasing tune with devastating results, something the guys from Drop the Bomb seem quite good at.

The Harley's monthly third Thursday is packed full of soul, funk and hip-hop, ranging from up-tempo breaks to slower, sexier numbers. Not long into their second year on the scene, they've been hosts to bands like The Tempertons, Burleskimo, Soul Circle Gang, SoulFunkFul and Brute Foresight, with some big names on the horizon. The event routinely attracts members of Sheffield's breakdance scene, as well as guest DJs like the guys from Hip Drop on November 15th. If you like your beats broken, your drums dusty and your horns funky then you know where to go.

Thou Art.

0114 2700985.

You may well have noticed the absence of our favourite tattoo studio amongst our pages. Well, we're positively ecstatic to be able to report that, like the proverbial phoenix, they're back, and in prime position to retake their crown and eclipse even their own erstwhile glory days.

With new skipper Terry bringing heaps of experience to the helm, having run successful studios in Landon taan, as well as his own inimitable style, the palpable buzz in the air is not just from the inking guns. If you search online you'll find examples of pieces that will make you see what we're harping on about, but don't take our word for it - pop in and meet the team yourself.

Subliminal Print.

Forum Shops.
0114 276 3342

Subliminal Print set up shop in The Forum just five months ago, but in that time they have produced over 300 event banners and countless posters for gigs in and around Sheffield. Geared towards individuality and customisation, Subliminal works with local creatives to support unique ventures and get the word out the wider public. The shop also sells garments, mugs, gig tickets and window vinyl. Ace.

Subliminal is currently poised to launch a quarterly competition aimed at local designers which will see one lucky winner developing their own T-shirt for sale. They will receive their own rail in the shop, as well as space on the website and Facebook page, and of course a commission on every T-shirt sold.

Email for competition details, visit for more information, or just drop into the shop and have a chinwag.

Peel Apart.

Peel Apart is a new website dedicated to new music, art and style. If you're interested in cutting edge arts information from across the globe, pooling resources in Sheffield, Leeds, London and even New York, then visit Peel Apart and see the latest in visual and audio media.

The site has many regular contributors who write about what interests them, usually in bite size chunks of 200 words or less. This is the place to go for a quick information fix. Each week also features a spotlight video, usually a new music video or arts project. We hope to see the Now Then films made by Nathan Gibson up there one week. The project is currently based across Leeds and Sheffield and will hopefully be expanding as the months progress. We wish them the best of luck with it. Go and take a look.

Now Then Film #3.


Locally based photographer filmmaker Nathan Gibson has already made two great films for Now Then in the past - one to celebrate our 4th birthday back in April, and one to celebrate the release of the Now Then ale in association with Abbeydale Brewery shortly after, both of which can be found on our YouTube channel - as well as shooting all the videos for Wordlife's 21 Poets digital poetry slam project, launched last month as part of Off The Shelf Festival of Words.

Well, he's got another beauty in the pipeline, this time focusing on 'a day in the life' of various Now Then employees, supporters and affiliates, connecting the dots between independent ventures across Sheffield. We are really, really happy with this one. It will be hitting the airwaves soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page.