This is the last online-only Now Then of the year before we return to print next month. We’ve got a great September mag in the pipeline, but for now have a look at this issue, decorated with the work of local artist Mila K, who is just at home creating graphic art as painting a wall, often alongside last month’s featured artist coLor.

My recommended read goes to David Ellis’ piece on Richard O’Dwyer, the former Sheffield Hallam student who is facing extradition to the US for copyright infringement on his website TVShack.net. He has committed no crime in the UK, and the site hosted no infringing content, but the Home Secretary refuses to budge on her decision to ship him abroad. Read the article and sign the petition, set up by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Also worth a look-in is Paul Kingsnorth’s introduction to the Dark Mountain Project in Wordlife, and Chris T-T’s associated fiction piece ‘Five Dead Badgers’, taken from the new Dark Mountain book, available from dark-mountain.net.