Now Then 4.1%.


As you might have already noticed, we at Now Then like an ale or two, as evidenced by our regular coverage of local drinking establishments and our links to brewers in the area. The real ale community is a welcoming one, with everyone working together for mutual benefit, so it is a pleasure to be a part of that in any way at all.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have made our first in-road into the brewing world in the form of a collaboration with the world-renowned Abbeydale Brewery, home to such liquid treats as Moonshine and Absolution. Abbeydale have been long-time supporters of Now Then, as well as having the expertise and the facilities to match, so teaming up with them was a no brainer.

Now Then 4.1% is a pale ale made with 100% Maris Otter low colour malt and a selection of Australian and New Zealand hops, including Galaxy, Pacific Gem and Super Alpha. It has citrus and passionfruit aromas and a crisp, refreshing finish. Suppable indeed, which is always a very important factor when you're sending a beer across the country with your name on it.

Now Then ale is on sale now at all the best pubs and bars in Sheffield, as well as further afield, where it is being sent with copies of the magazine as Abbeydale's April 2012 guest ale.

If you want to stock Now Then ale at your establishment, get in touch with james[at]opusindependents[dot]com. Otherwise, get supping and spread the word.


23rd-27th August.

It is going to be a genuine struggle, but I will do my best to hold back the hyperbole when describing what is without question my favourite UK festival. We love Shambala here at Now Then. We go every year without fail, and we are proud as punch to be associated with the festival this year.

As I sit to write this, the sunny haze of a beautiful spring afternoon pouring through the window, it's hard not to get distracted by memories of Shambalas past. The myriad of daytime workshops, stalls and events. The sound of trumpets floating through the air. The mania of the dance tent and the elated faces of the revellers all around you. The overwhelming sense that you're amongst friends, people with whom you feel immediately connected. The latter of these points is perhaps most unique to this particular festival, and it is a testament to the principles on which it was founded over a decade ago.

We'd like to think that if Now Then was a festival, we would be a combination of Sheffield's own Peace in the Park and Shambala. With their values of independence, sustainability, creativity and community, Shambala stands out from the more common "let's just get smashed for three days" ethos of so many contemporaries.

Shambala is a place where you become inspired by what you experience, with something catching your attention and firing up your imagination at every turn. Last year I learned to whittle and carve wood, to make my own costume for the now legendary Saturday Carnival, and how amazing a midnight sauna can be.

Sadly, word count prohibits me from writing what could turn into a thesis on this incredible event, so I direct you to their website, where you can learn more about this summer's hottest ticket, including performances from the likes of Sheffield heroes Roots Manuva and Toddla T, workshops and more attractions than you can imagine.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Opus Acoustics CD.

Out now.

The Opus Acoustics series of events at the Riverside have gone from strength to strength in recent memory, so to celebrate we have put together a compilation featuring a load of past performers - Thomas Leeb, Rozi Plain, Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, Rachael Dadd, Dean McPhee, Wooly Mammoth, the Payroll Union, Rik Warren, Fallen Leaf, Sieben, Louis Romégoux and Belleville.

The CD has 13 music tracks including a bonus live track from Liz Green, plus 3 poetry readings from Gav Roberts, Joe Kriss and James Lock, and will be on sale at Opus Acoustics nights and on our website for £4.50. The digital version is priced at £3.50. We're really pleased with the way this turned out, so get yourself a copy and see what you think.


Greg and Becky at Kuji have been slogging away for some time to get their online shop to a standard they are happy with. Quite an ordeal for the perfectionists that they are, but their efforts have been well rewarded. Offering all of the carefully selected and often exclusive wares to be found at their home on Eccy Rd, this is a dream of a site; visually beautiful with artwork backdrops and negative space adding to the appeal of such an easily navigated and comprehensive guide to all things Kuji.

As well as stocking the work of independent artists - everything from jewellery to framed, limited edition prints - Kuji is also the largest stockists of Lomo cameras and accessories in the whole of South Yorkshire. Take the shop tour on the homepage and you'll see what we're so enthused about.

Evolution Print.

0114 2493000.

A year ago when we switched printers, we were scared. Now Then is a lovingly crafted labour of love and putting it in the hands of new people was a terrifying prospect. But after that first edition came back from Evolution Print all our fears were swept away. It's impossible to express how grateful we are without descending into what would appear to be a hyperbolic love-in. We do love them though. Truly, madly, deeply.

A year later, we feel the need to take a little time out and say a big thank you for all their hard work, patience and talent. We simply cannot recommend them enough. Have anything (and we mean anything) you want printed? Speak to Evolution.

Subtitle 3rd Birthday.

2nd-3rd june.

To celebrate three years of existence, local dubstep collective Subtitle will host a June bank holiday party at Corporation that is not to be missed by anyone with a love of low-end underground dance music. In keeping with the promoter's mission of bringing the best upcoming dubstep talents to Sheffield, the Subtitle 3rd Birthday Bash will boast sets by High Rankin, Bar9, Document One, Seven, Torqux and Twist, Tomba and Captain Crunch, as well as loads of local talent behind the decks.

Keep in touch with Subtitle on Facebook for full details closer to the time, but this one promises to be an utter stonker.

Harland Cafe.

72 John Street.

Now feels like the right time to stop grieving the loss of the unique and wonderful Cafe Euro, and instead embrace it in its new incarnation as the Harland Cafe.

It's safe to say the cafe couldn't have fallen into better hands. Continuing the traditions of local community, ethical trading and great quality, owners Steve and Sarah have also brought a new lease of life to the place. With a whole new seating set-up, a beautiful redesign of the interior and an extended menu, the Harland Cafe retains all of the charm of its predecessor whilst bringing in a fresh and contemporary new atmosphere, making for a great space to enjoy a quiet coffee or book a raucous party. Check out their snazzy new website for more info on special offers and upcoming events.

There's Gold in Them Hills.

An Exhibition by Francesca Hague.

Born and raised in the wilds of North Wales, Franky Hague has for the last ten years been based in Sheffield, moving here to study art at the much hallowed and now demolished Psalter Lane campus. After a largely theory-based education, she has been steadily working back to her root passions of drawing and painting.

In her own words: "For this first showcase exhibition, close friends have inspired and sat for this collection of large scale portraits, allowing me to use what I best understand to celebrate a selection of the great and good of this town." Any fans of Andrew Hunt, our featured artist from the March issue, should prioritise a trip down the Forum this month. The exhibition opens on 2nd and runs throughout April.