S1 Artspace.

120 trafalgar street.
0114 2133780.

S1 Artspace was founded in 1995 by a group of like-minded individuals looking to create a sustainable environment for artistic creation in the city centre. Since then it has built a strong reputation as a creative centre and currently provides openplan studio space for over 20 local artists on Trafalgar Street, behind Corporation nightclub. On top of this, its project space is regularly used for exhibitions, events and screenings. Managed by a committee of artist members, it is a haven for local creators who need their own space but also want to be part of something bigger.

This month sees the launch of a solo exhibition by Los Angelesbased artist Jennifer West, her first at a UK public gallery. Aloe Vera & Butter presents two video triptychs made up of six moving pictures, each drawing from a large amount of source material. Found photographs and Hollywood outtakes are merged with blank film stock and self-shot footage to create a collage of colour and texture through a very specific artistic technique. West soaks her films in a 'marinade' of materials and chemicals - nail varnish, pizza, LSD, whiskey and mascara, to name a few - letting their natural properties unpredictably alter the celluloid. Her approach is highly referential, calling to mind artists such as Tony Conrad, Carolee Schneemann and Allan Kaprow, but standing on its own as a psychedelic documentary record of a specific time or place.

"I make sure that each work has a tension set up between the subject - the materials and actions - and the images (if there are any) in order to produce a new thought about it or to make contradictory associations," West says.

Aloe Vera & Butter runs at S1 Artspace between 4th February and 10th March and is free of charge. The preview will take place on 3rd February, 6.30pm. The exhibition space is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 12pm and 6pm.

Image used courtesy of Jennifer West and Vilma Gold.

Collard Manson.

125 Devonshire Street.
0114 2737755

Located on the historic Devonshire Street, Collard Manson & The Last Supper is a genre-defying boutique come coffee house. We ourselves are often to be found supping a cup or two having stumbled across it quite by accident some time ago. We've never looked back. With the walls of the building owned by the Church Burgess Trust, this place is one of the last bastions of independence in what used to be a thriving street filled with unique independent traders.

Collard Manson began life as a clothing boutique and have recently announced a new line of clothing for the spring season, featuring their own designs under the banner of 'Window Dressing for the Soul'. It is based around a series of moving images cultivated from the British Library, largely featuring postcard shots of tribes people. The people featured believed that when their picture was taken, their soul went with it. Stirring stuff indeed.

As well as this T-shirt label, they have also had the good fortune of working with the illustrious Mr Ian Anderson of Designer's Republic fame, in producing a second line called 'Aim Low and Miss'. Anyone not already familiar with the work of Mr Anderson should not confuse him with Neo's alter ego from the Matrix - he is a highly celebrated artist and designer of international prestige.

Talking to owner Zara, our suspicions that music is at the heart of this company were confirmed. With a regular 'Collard Manson Loves' playlist floating amiably through the air, featuring the likes of Boards of Canada, Fever Ray, Balam Acab and Pantha Du Prince, it is clear that our joint love of coffee and music has found a new home.

New to Collard Manson is a range of handbags and clutches, each stamped with the unique Collard Manson style, so any chaps out there searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, look no further. Coming into its own in 2012 is their brand new store, bringing a touch of class and independence to the behemoth that is Meadowhall. If you happen to be walking the hallowed halls keep your eye out for a giant pig's head.

Citadel of Hope.


In case you hadn't heard, Occupy Sheffield is currently occupying the former Salvation Army Citadel on Cross Burgess Street, renamed the Citadel of Hope for this purpose. Along with the Cathedral forecourt, it recently played host to a weekend of debates, talks and workshops in for the form of the Occupy National Conference, which brought protestors from far and wide to debate the importance and direction of the movement.

While it was recently agreed that the group will move out of the property this month, there could still be scope for future arts and politics projects at the Citadel. Keep in touch with them online or pop down for a chat.

Molly Rouge.

0114 2507123.

Molly Rouge is an independent fashion designer specialising in vintage and reworked clothing. Working from her studio in the heart of Nether Edge, she creates custom women's clothes based on original designs or made to order, including all manner of bags, badges, skirts, dresses, headbands, purses and rings, most of them made from reclaimed fabrics and charity shop clothes. Her tie skirts - yes, skirts made entirely out of men's ties - have proved a particular hit, inspired by Japanese street styles.

Now offering custom embroidery of names, logos and designs, Molly Rouge can often be found at the city's DIY markets selling a range of her clothing and accessories. Visit her site for a long list of unique, affordable items made with real hands.


Adam Reed / FX.

A personal Now Then favourite of the moment is this little slice of beautifully scripted animation. Into its third season, Archer is a cartoon about an intelligence agency with multitudinous nods to James Bond, the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and any other spy show you care to mention. Far from a vehicle for in-jokes and references (though there are plenty) the show also manages to couch infantile innuendo in such joyous wordplay that any snootiness is utterly untenable. Mix in a constantly drunken work place, a smattering of violence, some great voice-acting talent, a pinch of topicality and a bucket-load of irreverence, and you have a damn fine piece of animated action on your hands.

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A play by michael frayn.
8th - 31st march.
0114 249 6000 / sheffieldtheatres.co.uk

The leader of a new coalition government must keep his friends close and his enemies closer. The problem is knowing who to trust. Left, right and centre, all regard each other with suspicion. And as for the Russians...

Willy Brandt, one of the most charismatic leaders in post-war politics, makes history as he starts to reunite Europe. But there's a spy in his office and his plans are about to be thrown into chaos.

Democracy is the latest offering from the esteemed Sheffield Theatres and is set to be part of a fantastic series based around the work of Michael Frayn. Both witty and compelling, the play is an Olivier Award-winning piece about an inspirational man, directed by Paul Miller of Hamlet fame with tickets from £10-£21 and concessions available on selected performances.

Helter Skelter.


This year sees the birth of the exciting and independent clothing brand Helter Skelter. With music being a major driving force behind the designs, as well as new lines being celebrated with regular parties, this young and passionate team have grand aspirations.

Their mission statement is to spearhead the independent clothing revolution, creating innovative and original designs you will love. This spring will see the introduction of polo shirts, pumps and a full range of men's, women's and unisex tees, as well as men's shirts and jackets.

Head down to the Wick at Both Ends on West Street on 25th February for the official launch party, meet Babs and Matt in the flesh and get the full skinny. You heard it here first.