I reckon we’ve had our summer now. No more hot weather until next year. BBQs in the snow. Paddling pools full of rain.

If that really is the case, we should all be doing some sort of sun dance ahead of Peace in the Park Festival on 4th June. If you have never heard of Sheffield’s most peaceful cultural rendezvous, turn to page 48 sharpish and we’ll let you off. If you have heard of it, you’ll know it is one of the city’s best-loved annual festivals, packed full of song, dance, food, drink and merriment. And that doesn’t even include the evening celebrations. Don’t miss it.

Now Then #38 sports interviews with Media Lens and Mount Kimbie, on top of the usual local and (inter) national pieces, including a Wordlife prose special and the re-emergence of 27b/6.

Come down to the Forum on 8th May to celebrate our third birthday as a magazine, with performances from Bell Hagg Orkestar and Zacc Rogers.