It’s quite strange being on first name terms with tens of thousands of readers. It can be easy to forget just how many people pick up Now Then on any given month. But someone must be, because this is our third birthday issue, the 37th we have produced since April 2008. A big shout-out has to go to our regular contributors and advertisers, many of whom have supported us through thick, thin and thinner. I won’t list names for fear of missing someone out, but you all know who you are. Likewise, thanks to each and every reader for giving our magazine the time of day and for all your contributions over the last 12 months. I am really happy with the amount of local people getting in touch with issues that matter to them. If you haven’t done so already, email me with ideas for articles, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces, whoever you are.

This month we are pleased to print an interview with filmmaker Ken Loach, who was in Sheffield last month to promote the release of his new film, Route Irish. The man has his head screwed on. Find out more in the Filmreel section.

Live long and prosper.