From Works

From Works is a Sheffield-based studio specialising in architecture, interior and furniture design. Their tailored projects champion unique and lasting design which aims to improve the lives of its clients and their surroundings, taking cues from history and culture. Based at Bloc Studios, their name is derived from their strong connection to location and provenance.

Adam and Darren started the studio last year and have since had the pleasure of working on a diverse range of projects, including a particularly fine bespoke kitchen design for a family home on Southgrove Road. The inspiration for the design was a rugged, moss-covered rock photographed in the Peak - as good a departure point as any, and one that really comes through in the final work.

From Works are also well versed in extensions and building alterations, new builds, interior refurbs, and fitted and free-standing bespoke furniture. Take a look at their site for more about what they do and why they do it (clue: all the right reasons).

Love Among the Ruins

20 July - 15 Sept

S1 Artspace is opening a new gallery up at Park Hill, in the renovated former garage space at the centre of the estate, with the inaugural exhibition launching on 20 July.

Love Among The Ruins: A Romance of the Near Future presents archival photography and film documenting the residents of the Park Hill complex and its high-rise sister buildings Hyde Park, including some of the first residents of the former in 1961-65 and some of the last of the latter in 1988. The exhibition is the combined work of Roger Mayne and Bill Stephenson, a re-interpretation of their 1988 exhibition entitled Streets in the Sky.

It also features rare documents and archival footage, as well as The Fortress, a film about Park Hill produced by the BBC in the mid-60s as part of the Landmarks documentary series.

Amongst all the romantic mystique and conflicting views on Park Hill, Love Among The Ruins traces the social history of the buildings, giving real-life insight and inspecting the utopian ideas built into its very foundations.

Now Then 10 Mix

Opus, the company that publishes Now Then, started out as a loose collective of people putting on interesting gigs around Sheffield, often with a focus on multi-genre and cross-artform showcases. When the magazine came along in 2008, there was always going to be a strong focus on music - local, national and international, but, above all else, eclectic and independent.

Looking back over a decade of publishing, and scoping out ten 'things' we could do this year in celebration, the idea of a mix encapsulating some of the musicians we're previewed, reviewed and interviewed made sense. So that's what we did. The result can be found below and via the Now Then Mixcloud page.

We've done our best to slot in as many of our favourite artists and genres (some of which feel more dated than others...), but of course we couldn't fit everything in. So instead, we just want to say thank you to all the bands and musicians we've worked with over the years. It's been a real pleasure. We'll continue to use the mag to shout about great artists, young and old, well-known and up-and-coming.

Blend Kitchen

Following the sad demise of Nourish earlier this year, its former unit opposite the Peace Gardens on Pinstone St is now occupied by Blend Kitchen, a not-for-profit social enterprise serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner made with seasonal ingredients and local produce from the likes of Moss Valley Meats, Sheffield Cheese Makers, Whirlow Hall Farm and Wasteney's of Grenoside.

Their evening offer of small plates and larger sharing dishes sound enticing, in particular Tristan’s whole roasted jerk chicken, marinated for 24 hours and served with roasted sweet potatoes and a scotch bonnet and coriander sauce. Lunchtime brings sandwiches and salads, including tabbouleh and Asian slaw, while breakfast is eggs and bacon heaven.

Aside from its culinary output, Blend also provides vital volunteer opportunities to a wide range of people, including refugees and the long-term unemployed, with all funds going back into their work in boosting skills, building confidence and improving CVs.

Initially opening in the ground floor of the unit, Blend will also expand to the first floor at the end of the month. For a quick look-in, Blend is open Tuesday to Saturday, and will be setting out its stall with live music during the Tramlines weekend. Visit the site for the low-down.