As you may have gathered, this month marks ten years of Now Then. This double page spread is our attempt to say thanks to every writer, artist and advertiser who has supported the magazine since day one. The list is massive, so to anyone we have neglected to include, and to those we have included, please know that your involvement has been absolutely vital. Thank you.

Opus, the company that publishes Now Then, is also celebrating its tenth year, so throughout 2018 we are planning ten special things to mark the occasion. The first is this bumper issue of Now Then, and the second is the Now Then 10 cocktail launching next month at Public bar. Read more about this on the Food page and stay tuned throughout the year.

You can read about some of the other things Opus is planning elsewhere in this issue. We’re really excited about 2018. The world feels smaller by the minute, so it’s often tempting to think we’re on a downward trajectory as a species. Maybe we are, but hopefully all the great stuff we cram into these pages shows that there is still hope.