The Itchy Pig

495 Glossop Road, S10 2QE
"Try a scoop of ice cream in your stout. It went down a storm with us. A top dessert with a twist. Think of it as an alcoholic affogato."

Birdhouse Tea Company

7b Nether Edge Road, S7 1RU
"Lapsang souchong hummus is one of our favourite twists, and a chef recently used our rhubarb tea as an accompanying gravy with venison."

Porter Brook Deli

354 Sharrow Vale Road, S11 8ZP
"Try some Tipple Takes fruitcake and cheese for a treat in December. They both work as gifts as well. We’d recommend trying the Yorkshire classic of Wensleydale or go for a slab of Lancashire. Others go well, so get experimenting with your favourite cheese."

Beeches of Walkley

290 South Road, S6 3TE
"Collect your turkey early to avoid the queues and keep the stress levels to a minimum by brining your turkey a few days before Christmas Day. You can find a recipe online. Typically all you need is water, salt and a combination of fragrant ingredients like peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger, honey and orange."


257 Sharrow Vale Road, S11 8ZE
"Christmas cooking can be stressful. Ensure you have a cold bottle of Torino Vermouth in the fridge for extra-depth gravy and personal consumption. Also, Fernet Branca will cure hangovers and relieve that full belly feeling during the festivities."

Ozmen International

178-184 London Road, S2 4LT
"For something different, try our Taiwanese food range such as our sausages – delicious, authentic and easy to cook. Just slice them and serve with fried rice for a lovely meal or incorporate them into a healthy stir fry."

Mr Pickles’

240 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FL
"Go for the best quality meat you can afford. If you're shopping to a budget, look at cheaper options such as brisket or belly pork. Be imaginative with the side dishes too. A lot of veg tastes fantastic when roasted and this method is great if you want to avoid juggling hot pans on the hob."

Cawa Coffee

5 Crookes Road, S10 5BA
"Buy a good knife and exercise your knife skills. This will make you happy when you cook. When you cook, do it instinctively through feeling, touching, smelling and tasting."

Cocoa Mester

Krynkl, 318-328 Shalesmoor, S3 8UL
"Try using panela to sweeten your desserts or cakes instead of sugar. It’s Colombian and is made from raw cane juice. Tastes great in coffee too."

The Hidden Gem Cafe

Ringinglow Road, S11 7TB
"What better way to complement Christmas than with some luxury treats? White chocolate and pistachio truffles are the perfect gift. And, of course, homemade – there’s no other way."

Brood Cafe, ROCO

342 Glossop Road, S10 2HW
"Full roast, no exceptions. Cheat: there is no cheat, just love, cook together, take your time and enjoy the ingredients, the creativity and company. Twist: Cloudwater Brew Co or Magic Rock beer-battered Yorkshire Puddings – depending what we've left Christmas day..."