Goat's Cheese Terrine

Recipe by Thomas Samworth, No Name

300g crumbled goats' cheese
200g cream
200g natural yogurt
4 soaked gelatine
75g wholemeal flour
25g butter
40g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
40g parmesan cheese
25g mixed chopped nuts
25g sunflower seeds
25g pumpkin seeds
2 golden beetroot
2 candy beetroot
2 red beetroot
300g cider vinegar
225g caster sugar
200g chopped chives
300g vegetable oil

Line a tray (5-inches squared) with cling film. In a saucepan, heat the cream till just boiling and add the gelatine. In a liquidiser, place the goats' cheese and pour over the cream mix. When it’s nearly incorporated, add the yogurt and continue to blend till smooth. Pour into the lined tray and leave to chill for two hours. Slice into portions with a hot knife when needed.

To make the soil, blitz the flour, butter, cheese and breadcrumbs in a food processor until crumbly. Transfer to a bowl and mix in the seeds. Bake at 170°C on a lined tray for around 15 minutes until golden, stirring every five minutes. Cool then lightly blitz again until a soil texture is achieved.

Place the sugar and vinegar in a pan and heat till the sugar has dissolved. Place each of the beetroot into different saucepans and cover with lightly salted water. Simmer till tender, approximately 45 minutes depending on size, or till a knife can easily slide into them with no resistance. Place on a tray and when cool enough to handle, peel and cut into wedges. Cover with the pickle liquid (sugar and vinegar) and store in the fridge till needed.

Place the chives and oil in a liquidiser for 3-4 minutes then strain through muslin into a bowl. Store in the fridge till needed to stop discolouration.
When ready to plate, present however you like and garnish with aged balsamic vinegar and red mustard.