Nothing Pie

When I told my Dad that the locals called
a dandelion an "Irish daisy",
I'd have to admit he looked disenthralled
and soon his farts were "Yorkshire nightingales",

a dandelion a "Yorkshire daisy",
a "Yorkshire screwdriver" banged in his nails,
Tipperary invented the "riding"
and "Nothing pie" meant my Yorkshire pudding.

Abide with me, Daddy. Be abiding.
Now Owen's asking what our garden grows,
"bud" and "good" full rhymes when he says "budding".
Mam will know. I call everything a rose.

Ian Duhig

Ian will read at the Barnsley Civic Theatre alongside Chrissy Williams, Roy McFarlane and Zena Edwards on Wednesday 24 May.

Any way you can

On Friday I visit my seventy-seven year old
granny. She’s smoking a joint. It’s not a surprise.
My mother introduced it to her a couple of years
back, right after my grandfather died. When the
tea and biscuits are finally finished she shows me
a speech she recited in the eighties, to the miners
she shows me photographs of her and Arthur
Scargill. It’s then that I realise she doesn’t inhale.
For her it’s more like a gesture. Well then god
love you granny. Fuck them all, any way you can.

William Letford

William will read alongside Ruby Robinson and Katharine Towers at Upper Chapel on 25 May.