Cow Close Farm

Birley Lane, Hathersage

We started making artisan cheese because of our love of good cheese. Some of our absolute favourites include:

- Lord of the Hundreds, an unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese that has been matured for six to eight months. It has a wonderful, nutty, rich flavour.
- A creamy blue, like Burts Blue or Montagnolo Affine.
- Our Stanage Millstone and Stanage Curd, of course.

What you eat cheese with has a real impact on what you taste. We love sourdough bread and we go to 7 Hills Bakery weekly to get their sourdough. It works fantastically well. We also love chutneys and honey, and would choose something like a red onion marmalade and Sheffield vanilla honey.

Sophie and James Summerlin

Porter Brook Deli

354 Sharrow Vale Road

Aim for balance...

- A soft cheese - a Brie or Camembert. Baron Bigod from Suffolk is a real favourite.
- A strong, hard cheese - a Cheddar. Make it a proper farmhouse cheddar, such as Montgomery or Yorkshire's Dale End.
- A washed-rind cheese - the soft and smelly cheeses. Taleggio is a good bet, but Rollright is a delicious British cheese.
- A crumbly cheese - Wensleydale is a classic, as is Lancashire (Kirkham's) or Hartington's Peakland White.
- A blue cheese - good British blues match anything in the world.
- A Stilton - Colston Bassett, Stichelton or Hartington - would be perfect, or go for a softer blue. Cote Hill from Lincolnshire is gorgeous.

Nick and Nicky Peck

Urban Pantry

227 Crookes

Ensure you have a nice balance of flavours and colours. Here’s some suggestions:

- A soft chese - Stanage Millstone, Cow Close Farm or a French Brie de Meaux Rouzaire.
- A goats’/ewes’ cheese - Swaledale goats’ cheese or Ossau-Iraty, a ewes’ milk cheese from the base of the Pyrenees.A blue cheese - Try Mrs Bell’s Blue from Shepherd’s Purse, North Yorkshire.
- A hard cheese - Go for punchy flavours, like the Double Barrel Lincolnshire Poacher or the earthy, unpasteurised Keen’s Cheddar.

Throw in some wild cards: Smoked Blue Stilton from Tuxford & Tebbutt, Norwegian Gjetost (like fudge) or Charcoal Cheddar. Present your cheese on a nice wooden board or slate, surrounded with crackers and grapes.

Reece Lippolis