Now Then turns 9 years old this month. I’ll keep it quick: thank you to absolutely everyone who has been and continues to be involved in the creation, financing and printing of this magazine. We’re as surprised as you that we’ve lasted this long.

In the absence of a full article on the subject – stay tuned for next month’s issue – there are bits and pieces here about the Festival of Debate 2017. It’s a series of events themed around social, political and economic issues, coordinated by Opus, the team behind Now Then. The full programme will be released soon, in a printed brochure and at festivalofdebate.com, but in the meantime you can read more on the Fairer Work, Dodge & Co and Favourites pages. In particular, I recommend you come and see LGBTI activist Peter Tatchell speak at Millennium Gallery on 27 April.

In honour of our ninth year, we’ve invited Darren Cullen to fill our art pages. We’re very big fans of his artwork, and indeed the man himself.

Get in touch if you’ve got comments, criticisms or ideas to share.