Printed By Us

Homelessness is mentioned a few times in this month's issue, not least because Christmas is a time when the problems faced by people without a home can become more pronounced. Homelessness comes in many forms and there are no quick fixes, but there are loads of individuals and organisations working to improve the situation in Sheffield.

Printed By Us is a new non-profit initiative by Just Works, headed up by the Cathedral Archer Project (CAP). The core aim is to teach homeless and vulnerable people the craft of screen printing, helping them learn new skills, build their confidence and move forward in their lives.

Prints are put together by local designers and screen printed by workshop participants. Small batches are then sold, hand signed by both the artist and the screen printer, and any profits come back into the organisation, helping to fund future workshops hosted by Sheffield Print Club and the popular CAP art classes. It's an internship programme for homeless and recently housed CAP service users, which can also offer them experience in business admin, marketing, order fulfilment and customer service.

If you're looking for a unique Christmas gift with a conscience, jump onto the Printed By Us online shop, see what's on offer - last time we looked there were a couple of great James Green designs up - and spread the word about this worthwhile venture.

Makers on the Edge

555 Abbeydale Road

Since taking on their Abbeydale Road premises back in September of last year, James and Lisa Wallbank’s vision for an emporium of craft turned interactive creative hub has managed to blossom beyond even their own ambitious expectations.

Makers is to be found in the heart of the now well-established Antiques Quarter. It set out to build a sustainable business based around making, with the philosophy of ‘super local renaissance’ at its core, having renovated a space which had lain derelict for two decades.

Having successfully realised their initial plan, a wonderful stroke of serendipity presented itself in the form of community festival Hillsfest, for which the Makers team produced a model city in miniature. This showcased their laser cutting facilities to thousands of people across Sheffield, for many of whom the process was novel and inspiring.

This method of production has many applications, ranging from the creation of bespoke products to the active engagement of young people in the crucial disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). On that point, Makers are now a research partner in MAKEY, a programme which looks at how making can encourage young people to develop skills within STEM. A noble undertaking, made fun.

In essence, Makers is a place where you can go to get things made, so pop along and see what you can make a reality.


Leopold Square

Since we last checked in with this most authentically Latin of places back in the balmy, summer days of June - remember them? - the team at Cubana have been busy moving and shaking things up by adding to their already bustling roster of dance classes, excellent food and general red-blooded revelry with a new, weekly live event in the form of the Live Music and Cocktail Lounge.

Whilst the ground floor is now infamous for its high-tempo salsa stylings, this new night brings an altogether smoother atmosphere to the upstairs area, serving up the silky vocal talents of Emily Claire West and Katie Stewart, along with the mellow, Blue Note sax sounds of Samantha Hamstead and Piero Tucci providing the funk, bossa nova and soul, all to be enjoyed with a wide range of cocktails for you to sip as your feet tap and your head bobs.

The Live Music and Cocktail Lounge happens every Friday and Saturday, with full live listings and cocktail menu to be found on the Cubana website.

Union St Pop Up Cafe

18-20 Union St

Put down the stale sarnie, back away from the crummy cup-a-soup and throw out the monstrous microwave meal. We’re happy to introduce you to a new lunchtime star - the Union St Pop Up Cafe.

Each day you’ll be treated to a new and exciting style of food. Monday is reserved for Masterchef quarter finalist Chris Hale and his Asian adventures (if there are gyoza then get 12, trust us). Tuesdays are for the tantalising Slaaw, delivering healthy hot pots and treats. Wave goodbye to woeful Wednesdays with Pasta Masta and his veggie-filled pasta pots.

Thursdays are for pub classics Pie Eyed. A bargain deal of pie and mash is just what’s needed to get you through to the end of the week. On Fridays, treat yourself to a banging brownie and coffee from the socially conscious Twin Cafe.

In short, get yourself down to Union St to solve your lunchtime needs.

Street Food Warehouse

Trafalgar Warehouse

Every cuisine has some form of associated street food - some kind of snack that can be picked up and devoured with hands rather than cutlery (by the way, we decree that pizza should never be eaten with knife and fork).

Monday nights are now your chance to satisfy all your street food needs. On 12 and 19 December this year and then every Monday from mid February, Trafalgar Warehouse will play host to the new Street Food Warehouse.

The good people behind the venture have taken inspiration from markets all over the world to create a friendly and welcoming experience fuelled by food of all persuasions.

Sheffield's homegrown brewery, Brew Foundation, will be matching the tasty treats with some of their brews. There’ll also be DJs and bands to make sure you’re entertained whilst you eat your own body weight in arancini. As it runs from 5-9pm, it’s the perfect post-work treat. See you there.


276 Sharrow Vale Road

December: the mornings are dark and cold and the weather is grim.

But there is hope. Tucked away on Sharrow Vale Road is a place that does breakfast sandwiches so incredible that it’ll wash all your woeful winter worries away.

Roney's serves succulent sausages and some of the best bacon going. These breakfast sandwiches are genuinely unbeatable. On top of the breakfast offerings, you can also hire Roney’s incredible hog roast services. Bringing the bacon to you, they’ll set up wherever you need them and put on a feast for you and your guests. If hog roast isn’t your thing, they also put on a great cold buffet.

Roney's have provided top-class butchery for Sheffield since 1935 and we’re happy to have been buying from them for as long as we can remember. Book now for all your Christmas meats. You wouldn’t want to miss out.