FRI 18 NOV, 7:30PM

As mentioned in the last issue, Opus and Now Then are working to support the Our Fair City campaign in 2016/17, championing the cause for making Sheffield a fairer city.

Through the work we've done so far on the topic, including our Fairness on the 83 video project in 2014 (, we've found most people agree that fairness means 'everyone starting from the same line'. Of course, opinions vary about how we get there, but most people accept we aren't there yet.

Sheffield is divided, with people in different parts of the city having very different life experiences. This is no more apparent than in food. While the average UK family spends around £80 on food each week, thousands of people in Sheffield are visiting its estimated 16 food banks. Make no mistake, the role food banks play is absolutely vital, but they are not a solution to a systemic, societal problem.

At this event on 18 November as part of Festival of Debate, we will hear from a range of people, from those directly affected by food poverty to those working towards a fairer food system in our city, followed by audience Q&A. Entry is free, with a meal provided to all.

Locksley Gin

Gin. What a wonderful resurgence this spirit has had of late. This scintillating spirit is now the drink of choice for many a Sheffielder. We cry out for G&T in the Old House, glug it in martinis at Trippets, and stack them neat and flavoured with tea in Silversmiths. We love a G&T in this city.

Next time you’re lining up in the six person-deep queue at the bar in your favourite gin-soused venue, peel your eyes for Sheffield’s very own homegrown gin. Brush past Beefeater and be gone Gordon’s. May we introduce you to: Robin of Locksley (that’s Sir Robin of Locksley, to you).

Brewed right on your doorstep in Portland Works - conveniently for us, right next to our office - Sir Robin will quickly become the new love in your life. Like its local namesake, it is generous (in flavour). Infused with elderflower, pink grapefruit and dandelion, this truly tantilising gin will have you begging for more.

All the best places know that it can be served neat for sipping with pink grapefruit and tonic or stirred not shaken into a fantastic dirty martini. So forget Kevin in his far-too-tight tights - this is the only Sir Robin of Locksley you’ll ever need.

Sneak Freaks

19 November, Trafalgar Warehouse

Sheffield has some of the best eats, beats and treats going, a city that’s passionate about shopping, eating and living independently. The brains behind Thrifty Store are launching Sneak Freaks, which aims to bring a whole new style of independent shopping to Sheffield. On 19 November, Trafalgar Warehouse will play host to a range of the country's biggest and best sneaker retailers, from Adidas to Carhartt, Nike to Reebok. Alongside sneakers, there’ll be B-boys and girls battling it out for a grand prize, judged by the old school B-boy Shane Fenton, who runs Speak To The Streets, bringing dancing to a whole new generation.

Street artists will be showing how to create art with style and there’ll some banging food stalls to give you the kick you need to party till dawn at the after party with Cheese on Bread, Lady Sanity and BBC Introducing's DJ Skit, aka Jack Parker. Tickets for the whole event are only £5, which hardly seems a lot to gain access to all the amazing things going on.

Four Corners

150 Abbeydale Rd, S7 1FH

From the Great Wall of China to the Inca trails of Peru, from Norwegian fjords to the Great Barrier Reef, the boys down at Four Corners Canteen have combined inspirations from across the world to make a comfy cafe in Sheffield.

Based in the cultural hub of Abbeydale Road, Four Corners offers a range of diverse dishes. Their breakfasts could cure any lingering hangover (we're yet to have a bad day that can't be remedied by a great hash brown). Their pancakes can be teamed with pretty much anything you could want, from smashed avocado, bacon and maple syrup to banana and nutella.

Lunchtime treats look like Middle Eastern, spiced ladened Menemen. For those feeling more adventurous, and for the spice fiends amongst us, the Kimchi on the Dakkochi will give you a run for your money. They have also started to offer the space out for hire and will be running their first supper club on 12 November. Head to their Facebook page for all the details.

Cupola Gallery

178-178A Middlewood Rd, S6 1TD

It’s a dark and dreary Saturday morning, too cold for a walk, but you feel like being a bit of a culture vulture. Where should you head? Cupola Gallery is the perfect place to shake off those early morning Saturday blues, especially as that’s the day of the week they give out free cake. Yes. You read that right.

Cupola also happens to be one of Sheffield's best established and beloved art galleries. They showcase around ten different features a year, hosting four wonderful exhibition spaces and even a sculpture garden out the back for when the sun does decide to shine.

Cupola shows art in all kinds of mediums, from handmade cards to prize-winning artists, so both the novice and the connoisseur will be impressed. The rest of this year is looking exciting, with their popular Christmas show coming up and their Under The Bed sale. With prices ranging from £1 to £350, there’s something for everyone, so head down and crack on with getting Christmas presents sorted.

Neptune Fish & Chips

989 Ecclesall Road, S11 8TN

Everyone has a standard Chippy order. Some douse their haddock and chips in vinegar and mushy peas in their varying degrees of luminous green. Some smother it in curry sauce. Some shun the fish entirely and go for the battered sausage option.
But whatever your penchant, you know how you like it. Now imagine if you couldn’t eat such wonders as fish and chips due to the rather large amount of gluten involved. This is where Neptune comes in.

With a specially designed gluten-free menu, this is the place to go for those of you who simply can’t stomach wheat. They offer all the staples - cod, haddock, chicken nuggets and burgers - with none of the flour.

Based on the hub of good eateries that is Ecclesall Road, Neptune is perfect for students and grown-ups alike.