Earth's Edge

The tide pulls the water
& the water pulls me
ceaselessly, toward the edge
of the world.

They say it’s not flat—
science has proven so—
but I know it ends somewhere
& I alone in my skiff
am destined to fall
off the map
into some black saltwater abyss.

Caitlin Johnson

The Hare on the Hill

The grass is that bit longer.
It hides the hare on the hill
That I see when I pass at this time of day.
But I know that it's watching me, still.

Peter Burrows

First published in Southlight, August 2017

Citrus Sinensis Rutaceae

Plucked from the tree,
fragrant orb in hand.
Thumb poised at pedicel,
leathery flesh is pierced.
Aromatic spray released into air,
bite of citric acid on skin.
White pith clings to wedged segments.
Sticky juice runs down arm,
anticipating sweet reward.
Endocarp popped in mouth.
All sensations heighten and merge,
while peeling an orange.

Ann Christine Tabaka

Brightly burning star fish...

Do you wonder where you swim?

Wandering sky and ocean flying
floating now near shore line.

Many arms extended tugging
celestial weeds Irish moss.

Grasping glowing orange disc
climbing beds of coral coral.

Do you wonder where you swim
brightly burning star fish?

Joan McNerney


In the beginning
when water lapped the sand
there was a calmness, a stillness.
The world was breathing
in…and out.

And there was nothing,
the wash
of the tide.

And the wind sifftered through
and it said your name, Sara.
And the sun set
and the night came
and the stars began to glow.

And something momentous had changed,
though all seemed to go on as before.

Elizabeth Gibson