The Battle For Hearts And Minds
Saving Grace Music

The Battle For Hearts and Minds is an epic, complex album. Spanning 19 tracks and skits, Savvy flexes his muscles as a producer, MC and vocalist.

This isn't your average hip hop album and Savvy's unique approach filters throughout. From its out-of-this-world narration to its '80s influenced bangers, The Battle For Hearts and Minds has a sound all of its own. The album begins with Lisa Luxx's stunning poetry. A witness outside of space and time, her crisp voice transports the listener to another dimension.

There are far-reaching contrasts of tempo and style. ‘Refreshment’ is a big tune, with a relentlessly powerful beat. Savvy's bold honesty is at its most resonant, as he charts his personal and professional journey. In contrast to this, ‘Change’ is a mellow, soothing soundscape, featuring the silky tones of Aisha Zoe. The bleak, moody ‘Forfeit’ explores the dark side of human relationships, whilst ‘In The Pursuit Of’ is a clever exposé of the inconsistencies in the world.

‘The Only Way I Know’ is a gutsy, guitar-driven celebration of the self, whilst Luke Peeters’ melodic, jazzy vocals make ‘Saving Grace’ one of the picks. ‘Third Time's A Charm’ is also a winner, with its positive message and gorgeous singing by Jade Harris.

The '80s tinged belter, ‘Goodnight’, has an irresistibly catchy chorus and shows Savvy's courage to try something different.

It's difficult to do justice in writing to the breadth and scale of this album. All I can say is: give it a listen.

Red Hen



Who or what is LUMP? LUMP the album is a dreamy new collaboration from the minds and souls of Mike Lindsay of Tunng and Laura Marling. LUMP the artist is a soft and cuddly, fluid-moving yeti figure who Marling and Lindsay have explained gets full credit for the album.

As a long-time fan of Laura Marling, I was immediately blown away by the range of vocals she delivers on this record, worlds away from the simplicity of her early solo work. Lindsay’s surreal yet cohesive instrumental work is equally beautiful, and both musicians are truly elevated by the other’s talent.

The album is short and sweet, with only seven tracks, but as each song is in the same key and ties seamlessly into the next, you’re encouraged to listen over and over again. Finishing the record is ‘LUMP Is A Product’, a spoken word credit sequence over more dreamlike textures and drones, giving the audience a chance to appreciate all the work that has gone into the album, whether they have access to the sleeve or not.

It’s difficult to pick favourites in such a concise selection of beautiful music, particularly as each track brings something unique while still maintaining fluidity. Special mention does have to go to the first single, 'Curse of the Contemporary', which is not only a fun, upbeat song, but has a music video to match. Check it out to get a peek of LUMP (the artist) for yourselves.

Tasha Franek