Punk In Drublic #3

14 September
Reasons to be Cheerful

As she brushes through the compressed crowd with her accordion in front of her, along with a music stand and other props, Sarah Louise Keegan announces that, “It's at times like these I wish I was a poet”. A single book of words may have been easier to carry to the performance area, which here at Reasons To Be Cheerful is more ‘front of crowd’ than ‘stage’. This venue could be described as something more intimate.

Keegan begins by explaining that she and her husband are having a few problems. He has fallen in love with spreadsheets, so she has left him at home ‘excelling himself’. After announcing her Wigan origins, Keegan ran through the typical associations with that part of Greater Manchester, from rugby to pies. In particular, it’s the variety of ways a pie can be presented - whether in a cob or barm, but never in a teacake as that contains raisins - which is a source of her humour, especially when she strikes up a tune.

It’s credit to her ability to engage a crowd that she sparks chanting along to a little ditty entitled ‘Fanny Magnet’, an item she proved to be real as she supplied one for the raffle. With the event split into two halves, a raffle is held for the Mustard Tree organisation that helps to provide shelter for people living on the streets (48 to date) and into full-time employment (24). Andy Burnham and co, take note. One in seven homeless people in the UK are ex-service personnel, which considering how increasingly reliant we are on them when people become more creative in killing others, is disconcerting.

Larry Dean informed those present that Glaswegians are actually a very friendly crowd. If you ask them for directions, they will pass them across, then follow you towards your destination, obviously in a non-threatening manner, just to make sure you get there. He can even veer into the political arena by declaring that he normally votes for the Green Party, but didn't in the Brexit vote as “that one was important”.

The above are just a couple of extracts from a night hosted by Rob Steventon, someone who can deliver his own mixture of poetry and performance. As the event is already a secret pleasure, please don't come to the next one.

Ged Camera

Inset photo by Ged Camera.