Punk In Drublic

1 June
Reasons To Be Cheerful Beer Cafe, Burnage

The postcode that created Oasis has now welcomed a night of poetry and laughs. With the incessant thirst for events that include combinations of poetry, literature, spoken word and drink, the newest bar in M19 decided to host Reasons To Be Cheerful (aka R2BC), which launched earlier this year. The venue, which is easy to miss as you walk down Fog Lane, is run by a family team that keeps trying to find ways to spark interest. So after the gin tasting event night, Punk in Drublic was presented.

By 7.45pm, the venue was filled with a combination of locals dropping in for a drink on a warm summer’s night and the ten or so performers and their supporters. R2BC is a relatively narrow place, so the standing area is your primary viewing position, which didn’t seem to deter listeners, especially as the sound was piped through to the front.

Rob Steventon played a dual role of hosting the occasion and delivering snippets of his routine, as a rapid succession of performers wound their way through the seats. Informal and relaxed, those more experienced mixed with those starting out. So with six months under her belt as a poetry artist, Rosie Fleeshman delivered a humorous observation of how enjoying shows like 'Games of Thrones' appears to conflict with feminism, but that she isn't sure on which side of the fence she would like to be.

Someone else created an imaging scenario featuring Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris the Cat. It could have been a cat, but like he said when Jeremy Hunt is mentioned, it’s easy to get the letters mixed up.

Judging by the attendance on the night and the warmth of the reception given to the artistes, it’s highly likely that there will be another event soon.

Ged Camera