A Man With One Of Those Faces

By Caimh McDonnell

Tense crime thriller and comedy entwine in this entertaining story from Manchester-based debut novelist, Caimh McDonnell.

Set in Dublin, we are introduced to Paul Mulchrone, someone who just seems to have a face you can easily confuse with other people. Unfortunately for Paul, this knack of looking like someone else you know gets him in trouble, and gangsters are soon gunning for his life.

He has no choice but to go on the run, accompanied by Brigit, a nurse whose fear of the situation is almost matched by her thrill at being involved in a real crime, just like in the novels she loves so much, and a psychopathic cop who very much lives by his own rules.

As well as a writer, author Caimh McDonnell is a longstanding stand-up comedian. His skill in humour shines through clearly, as you would imagine. But the skill learned on stage in telling a story in an entertaining way, gripping the audience’s attention, should not be ignored either. You feel invested in the characters and the pace doesn’t drop for a moment.

This is not merely a comic tale, but stands as a crime novel on its own merit as well. If you are a fan of crime novels, as nurse Brigit is within the novel, then you will love this. It pays homage to the genre, as well as adding to the canon.

A funny, entertaining and well-paced debut novel by an author whose work I hope to be seeing more of in the near future.

Chris Tavner