Entertaining audiences from scenic enclaves in Portmeirion to lo-fi gigs at Salford’s Bunker and house parties in Longsight, the Internet-search-engine-proof quartet Mother are as partial to bare skin and stage props as they are to crafting elegant soundscapes. Their music entwines indie, shoegaze and folk sensibilities while welcoming psychedelic Sun Ra tendencies, adopting an inventive approach to song structures and flows. With Sounds From The Other City and Festival No.6 sets under their sequinned belts, they’re now turning heads both near and far, with Bluedot’s Orbit stage next on their radar.

How far do you see a link between science and music?

The link between science and music can be seen to the horizon, as science underpins everything. Harmonies, polyrhythms, pitch recognition, tonal differences, physics of sound waves, how they vibrate through the air to hit our ear drums, how they are translated from waves to chemicals, the way these chemicals affect our brains in different ways to produce differing tastes in music…

Can science explain everything about music?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But as you see the intertwining link pass out of sight beyond the horizon, into the ineffable, it's surely what makes music art.

Have you played any venues so far that match up to the scale or wonder of Jodrell Bank?

We had stunning views playing above the estuary at Festival No.6 last year, but the scale of Jodrell Bank, knowing that's an eye into the cosmos, will be something else. Space is the Place!

How does your stage show differ with the size of stage? How do you go about replicating or translating the interactive proximity of (for instance) a back room in Longsight?

Although we're definitely from the DIY school (our home studio is literally held together with string), we love the different opportunities bigger venues bring - allowing for more experimental, expansive sets, projections, oversized costumes, etc. Sometimes it’s a little less easy to go out in the middle of the set and wrap the audience in tin-foil, but fun in other ways. It ain't the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean…

How do you devise your theatrical themes?

Something we can make ourselves. Something that takes us out of reality. Something cheap to pull off. Something funny. Something not funny at all. Something very serious. Something ridiculous. Something cheap though.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Let's Eat Grandma, Eno…

What else do you have in the pipeline? Is your EP due soon?

Taking some new songs for a walk at Bluedot, then we're at Festival No.6 on the Lost in the Woods stage, A Carefully Planned Festival in October, Islington Mill in November. The EP/album will be out early Autumn.



Purveyors of the dark arts of electronica for worriedaboutsatan, Winter Son and Ghosting Season, and the brains behind This Is It Forever, Given Miller and Thomas Ragsdale’s sonic CVs are a shoo-in for a festival whose soundtrack naturally suits cinematic sci-fi. They’re promising more material to add to Even Temper, last year’s revival from hiatus, but the live arena is where their intensity really captures attentions. They’ll play on the main Lovell Stage at Bluedot ahead of a headlining show at The Castel Hotel on 9 August.

How far do you see a link between science and music?

I think both kinda inform each other - science moves technology forward, and music gets inspired by new technology, so it’s all there really. We’re really into weird sci-fi too, so even from that side of things, I think science helps shape music in a lot of ways you don’t really think about.

Have you ever played any venues that match up to the scale or wonder of Jodrell Bank?

Haha, not really! We’ve done churches, theatres, and smaller festivals before, but nothing like this. We’re both a mixture of excited and terrified by the whole thing.

Do you have any visuals lined up for the performance? What can we expect?

As it’s a festival, our A/V show sadly can’t come with us on this occasion, which is a bit of a shame. But if you get bored looking at us two on stage, there’s always the Lovell telescope to gaze at.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Pretty much everyone. We’re both massive fans of Underworld, and they mean a great deal to Tom especially, so being asked to play the same stage as them is amazing for starters, let alone sticking around to watch them later. That should be amazing. We’re intrigued to see the comedy stuff as well, the first of which is directly after us. So it’ll be weird walking off stage to Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Charlotte Church, amongst others, waiting in the wings.

What else do you have in the pipeline, for worriedaboutsatan or any other projects, and what do you aim to achieve through music that you haven't already done?

We’ve plenty of satan stuff raring to go. Fingers crossed we’ll have an album out later in the year. It’s still a bit up in the air though, so we’ll have to see if that pans out. Tom has some solo stuff coming as well, and we’re off on a mini tour in August too - we play the Castle in Manc on the 9th. I guess we’re always aiming to do better with everything, but being a DIY band presents its own set of challenges these days. We’re just aiming to get past as many of those challenges as we can.