Brian Pern

A wonderful new series from Simon Day as Peter Gabriel lookalike. What I would say is that this should be the last series. Quit while you’re ahead, as my old headmaster used to say.

It’s great to see your man Gabriel make a cameo appearance, proving that a sense of humour is vital for any icon. Check out David Bowie’s impressions of Springsteen, Iggy and Tom Waits online. Brilliant.

I’ve always been a fan of Gabriel as a solo artist, not so much with Genesis. The difference between his last Genesis album and early solo albums is incredible. It took him a couple of goes, but by his third solo effort he'd cracked it. ‘No Self-Control’ and ‘Games Without Frontiers’ are truly innovative, and further on came ‘Shock The Monkey’. Who couldn't like a song about monkeys?

Here's the thing: whilst always liking his music, I always found him – how shall I say it? – incredibly up himself. I mean, that accent? Where is that from? Simon Day nails it.

So that is why Gabriel gets muchos kudos for appearing in this. It’s only rock and roll, but I don't have to like it.

A great example of a band not taking themselves too seriously whilst being incredibly influential and humorous is XTC. Album after album there are new ideas, new concepts. Truly refreshing, like chewing gum after a mouthwash.

A truly bad example came to me whilst holidaying in Slovakia. Trawling through the TV channels, on came The Killers. I loved their first album, but hearing them explain what the songs were about and their ‘philosophy’? We don't listen to The Killers any more. Young bands! As the great Frank Zappa said, “Shut up and play yer guitar.” Let the listener decide what the music means to them.

I’ve just heard that Peter Gabriel and Sting are going to tour, singing each other’s songs. I feel a bit of sick.

Brian Rooney