28 October
Islington Mill


Bo Ningen

Few bands have the all-out range of Bo Ningen, with their sheer ability to write and perform so perfectly balanced and equally brilliant. To see them in the tiny confines of the Fat Out Burrow at Islington Mill was more than a treat. It’s a shame there wasn’t a larger turn out. Both Bo Ningen and The Picniqs are set for larger things and are slowly changing the entire landscape of this side of music, as truly alternative is forced underground. Even the likes of the NME are going completely mainstream.

Bo Ningen

Bo Ningen’s hour-long set was enthralling – the rare sort where you really can’t take your eyes from the band, not even because it is unknown to you what they will do next, but because the playing and musicianship is so unbelievably good. Powerful stage presence comes into play here, not least because of lead singer Taigen Kawabe’s imposing stature and the band’s dress sense, but because they own the stage. For that hour the venue is in the palm of their hand.

Bo Ningen

Lydia Lunch was also invited to the stage for the final song, a brilliant rendition of ‘Ghost Rider’ which more than topped everything off. It’s just a shame more weren’t there to see it.

Lydia Lunch

Photos by Wes Foster.

Fat Out’s Burrow continues through November.

Wes Foster